NASCAR Rivals: Kyle Busch Gets Jimmie Johnson on the Restart

July 16, 2008 by Tim Zaegel  
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Sure, this section is typically reserved for one of the week’s better wrecks, but like him or not, let’s face it - Kyle Busch’s restart to win the 400 last Saturday was just too good to pass up. After starting from the pole and leading more than 160 laps in the race, Kyle nearly let one get away after getting passed by Jimmie Johnson in the closing laps of the race. But, a blown engine by David Gilliland with just 6 laps to go bunched the field back together and gave Kyle one last crack to pick up the “W”.

Lining up for the final restart for a two-lap shootout to the checkers with Kevin Harvick behind him and Johnson out in front, Busch timed the restart perfectly and was able to get side-by-side with Johnson going through the first set of the tri-ovals before ultimately making the pass and picking up his seventh Sprint Cup win of the 2008 season.

Let’s take you back with some video footage of that remarkable move that Kyle Busch put on Johnson to get the win:

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7 Responses to “NASCAR Rivals: Kyle Busch Gets Jimmie Johnson on the Restart”
  1. Newman's #1 says:

    That was a good move from Kyle’s part. To all the people booing him, you have to give him some credit for that final restart! It was just amazing!

  2. Newman's #1 says:

    BTW, I was hoping those two would tangle up so Harvick could get by them and win. Either way, it didn’t matter to me who won. The race was exciting!

  3. Bruce Simmons says:

    It was a great restart, and for the anti-Kyle fans, a sucky finish but ya gotta give the man (is he?) his due.

    On the other hand, the doorknobs throwing things from the stands is getting stupid, or more stupid by the day.

    They need to get some more enforcement in those stands and nail these people. With at-track attendance going down, that should be getting easier!

  4. Tim Zaegel says:

    “BTW, I was hoping those two would tangle up so Harvick could get by them and win.”

    Trust me, my brother and I were both thinking that EXACT same thing while we were watching. Of course, I’ve learned from experience not to wish too hard for a wreck, because all too often, the guy that you’re looking at to benefit from the accident winds up getting collected as well.

  5. Tim Zaegel says:

    Bruce, that crap’s getting ridiculous, man. It was stupid at Talladega a couple years ago when they pelted Gordon’s car with beer cans, and the way they’ve treated Kyle Busch this season isn’t any better.

    All they’re doing is giving the sport’s “Hoosier” image support that it doesn’t need, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to start seeing some tracks ban bringing your own beer into the stands.

  6. Newman's #1 says:

    That’s cool how we were all thinking the same thing :)
    Too bad it didn’t turn out the way we were hoping it would. It would have been good to see Harvick in Victory Lane.

  7. Tim Zaegel says:

    Hey, what can I say? Great minds …

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