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Pendant camera records your whole life

October 19, 2009 by Robin Parrish  
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In the tech industry’s burgeoning efforts to Twitterize your entire life with constant, real-time updates detailing your every action… The latest Tweevice is a tiny camera you wear around your neck as a pendant, which takes still photos every 30 seconds. Okay, so there are other applications in mind than just life blogging, such as a memory aid for Alzheimer’s patients. But we all know who this thing is really going to be marketed to: those of us who post updates about our lives all throughout the day.

The camera was originally developed as the “SenseCam,” an experimental research project by Microsoft, but now the technology has been licensed by British company Vicon, with plans to put it into large scale production for the masses. The tiny device, which Vicon is calling the ViconRevue, has a 1GB of storage space built-in, and will hold up to 30,000 images. The Revue will at first be marketed to researchers when it becomes available in a few months, but a consumer-oriented version is expected to arrive next year.

The pricetag? The first version is expected to sell for an eye-popping $800. Hopefully the consumer version will be priced to sell.

Personally, I can see some fun uses for a product like this. Imagine the candids that would be taken if every attendee to a big-budget expo like CES or E3 was given one of these along with their conference ID and lanyard. Or the random-yet-cherished moments that might be captured if a percentage of the people who attend your future wedding were given ViconRevues to wear during the ceremony and reception.

But I still worry about the people that will use this as a never-ending Twitpic tool. I love Twitter and Facebook as much as anyone, but all this immediate info runs the perpetual risk of hitting a critical mass point that will turn all of it mundane.

Image: Vicon.

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