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Review of True Fidelity Gaming Headphones

October 19, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
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True Fidelity Multimedia Stereo HeadphonesI received these headphones about two weeks ago from AblePlanet so I could put them to the test and tell you what I think about them.

Prior to getting these True Fidelity Multimedia Stereo Headphones I had been using some crappy $7 earbuds that I picked up at a local college bookstore. The earbuds were ridiculously uncomfortable and shorted out so that I only had audio in my left ear. The other issue with the earbuds is that they don’t have a microphone so I had to rely on the built-in microphone that’s included in my laptop and that is a disaster.

The first thing I did when I got the True Fidelity headphones in was plug them into my laptop. [Imaging that, right?]

I had been watching a show online when the cute UPS guy delivered the headphones, so I decided I would just continue with my show. The first thing I noticed about the True Fidelity headphones was how quiet the show had suddenly become. I cranked my laptop’s sound all the way up and got barely any audio level change. At least my crappy earbuds had let me keep my laptop audio at a middle setting.

And then, I realized that the little black thing that I had thought was only a clip was in fact a volume control as well as a switch to control whether your mic is on or off. It was around this point that I began to feel like a huge dork. Once I adjusted the headphone’s volume, I began to fall in love with these headphones.

I would like to see the ear cushions be just a bit bigger so that they would actually go all the way around my ears but maybe I just have big ears? I’ve pretty much worn these headphones 12 hours a day since I got them and after about 8 hours, my ears started to get a bit tender. BUT, how many of you wear headphones for that long without any breaks?

The adjustability of the size of the headpiece is impressive since I have a big head [my hat size is 7 3/4] and these headphones adjusted without any issues and still had some room to spare. My three year old daughter took it upon herself to test the headphones and they adjusted down to comfortably fit her so the True Fidelity headphones run the gamut as far as fit/size goes.

Voice quality for the microphone varies from decent to very good depending on where you have the microphone positioned and what you’re doing but that holds true for any microphone. I like that the microphone stem [if that's what you call it] is flexible enough that you can fold the microphone back when you don’t need to use it. For the most part, I use these headphones as just headphones so the microphone would be a nuisance if I couldn’t easily move it out of the way.

Links for me testing out the microphone can be found here and Cara testing out the microphone can be found here.

I tested these guys with my PS3 using the provided USB port and didn’t notice any sound quality degradation and found the length of the cord to be sufficient.

All in all, I love these headphones and would have bought them myself if I had an extra $99.99 sitting around. Definitely worth the money and I think you’ll be pretty darn happy with them.


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