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Setting Up FTP Image Hosting for Windows Live Writer

September 9, 2009 by Jason Bean  
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Sometimes it would be nice to be able to host all of your images for your blogs in a single location that you could access from anywhere and manage separately from your blogging server. I use WordPress and their image management has come a long way, but today I needed to host an image external to the blog hosting site. Windows Live Writer makes it easy to accomplish that task.


All you need to do is access your blog’s settings within WordPress and make a few changes. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the menu bar go to "Tools" > "Accounts"
  2. Click on the Account name you want and then click on "Edit"
  3. In the Edit Blog Settings window, select "Pictures" as shown in the image
  4. Click on the "Upload pictures to an FTP server" and then click "Configure FTP"
  5. Enter your FTP information in the places provided
  6. Click OK

That’s it!

You’ll need to know your FTP information of course, but I’d say you’re probably not interested in using this option if you’re not already familiar with FTP functionality.

Windows Live Writer makes it easy to specify your FTP information and the path to the images you’ve uploaded. Then, when you insert an image into your post it references the FTP location as the source of the file and automatically uploads the images there as needed.

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One Response to “Setting Up FTP Image Hosting for Windows Live Writer”
  1. Mark Donelle says:

    The other side is to retrieve them outside of Live Writer, you can use any FTP client instead of some proprietary website. As for FTP clients, I’d recommend FileZilla (free):
    For others on different OSes, there’s a list of FTP software at IQ Storage:

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