Schools are the Front Lines in Fight for Liberty

Schools are the Front Lines in Fight for Liberty

It’s not a great time to be an advocate for liberty. Sure, some things are moving in the right direction. Criminal justice reform is plodding its way through Congress. Numerous states have passed civil asset forfeiture reforms (though the DOJ … More »

Myth Busting Campaign Trade Talk

Myth Busting Campaign Trade Talk

Discovery Channel’s MythBusters recently aired its final episode. The long running series took both common and obscure myths and put them through the scientific ringer. In truth, none of the show’s hosts were actually scientists, and the medium often limited … More »

Obama's Desperate Gambit to Close Guantanamo

Obama’s Desperate Gambit to Close Guantanamo

Earlier this week President Obama returned to an old, unfulfilled campaign promise and sent to Congress a plan to close the military prison located at Guantamo Bay, Cuba. Presidents nearing the end of their time in office are prone to … More »

Donald Trump's Authoritarian Moment

Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Moment

It wasn’t long ago that the chattering class was enamored with the idea of a libertarian moment. There was good reason, as libertarian ideas were finding not only growing public support, but also greater mainstream political acceptance and momentum. Issues … More »

Hold Police to a Higher Standard

Hold Police to a Higher Standard

During 2015 the Washington Post conducted a much needed comprehensive analysis of police shootings in America. On one hand, the data largely undermines the more extreme assertions of groups like Black Lives Matter and others who claim that racism is … More »

The Omnibus and the Left's Merry Statemas

The Omnibus and the Left’s Merry Statemas

The holidays are upon us. For most Americans, that either means celebrating Christmas (in its religious or secularized form) or Hanukkah. For those on the Left and the majority of Washington who glorify the state, however, the passage of the … More »

The Left's Safe Space Hypocrisy

The Left’s Safe Space Hypocrisy

Like many of the demands flowing from the politically correct religious revival sweeping the nation, overzealous demands for “safe spaces” has been roundly mocked by those not caught up in the fervor. Some of the most incisive criticism of the … More »