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Wed, Nov 11 2009

Breaking News! Jennifer Morrison Says She’s Done With House

This is one of the most disappointing posts I’ve had to make on this site…second only to the announcement of Kal Penn’s character’s demise. Today on the Bonnie Hunt Show, Jennifer Morrison confirmed that she’s “done with House.” She seems to leave the door open to returning at some point, but the announcement seems very certain.

Bonnie Hunt, who is always graceful in any situation, told her that the “best is yet to come” for her. We will surely miss her on House and will watch to sew what she does in the future. I’m sure she will be very active in her career. She’s terrific!

Here’s a clip of her on the show:

[Thanks, Grace!]

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  1. By Michael

    Holy crap, she’s beautiful!

  2. By Sadie

    She seemed very nervous to me, her hand in her hair and giggling. I think she’ll find something else soon. Meanwhile, I think that the writing this season is better than ever. I look forward to Monday night viewing again.

  3. By Liz

    I’m gonna back Emma up on this one: I agree this being just a publicity stunt. But never fear, we Chameron fans will keep our heads high, & think positive till the very end. Damn writers, WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come Monday nite, it’s tissue boxes all around. In our hearts & minds, to Jen: Chameron forever!!!!

  4. By Liz

    She may not look sad but with a bit of knowledge about body language and intonation it’s not hard to miss that she is definitely not happy about it. She won’t kill herself over it, of course, but I doubt that she is not a bit sad about it. I am, that’s for sure. I’ll miss her a lot. (And like Emma a tiny bit of me is still not willing to give up hope.)

  5. By Lina

    She doesn’t look sad, she looks like she’s okay with it. She answered so easily…

  6. By Becca

    This sucks so much. I love Jen and the show just won’t be the same without Cameron!! Why are they doing this? Are they crazy… there’ll be nothing good left on tv now that House is going down the drain too, sigh. I mean, maybe it won’t, but I just don’t see how I’ll enjoy it anymore. Still, good luck to her because she’s amazing and I know she’ll go really far with or without House

  7. By Emma

    Damn, I’d been so hopeful it was all just a publicity stunt and she’d be back… I’m still hoping though, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. But whatever happens, Jen will be fine. She’s so kind and gracious whatever happens to her – but House won’t be the same. I hope TPTB realize what a mistake they’re making.

  8. By Sandra

    It’s so sad, you can see that she doesn’t want to be done with the show but is forced to be done. And I feel the same :-( I’m wishing her all the best in the world, I’m sure with her talent and beauty she can achieve whatever she wants.