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Tue, Oct 23 2007

Johnny Marr Doesn’t Rule Out Smiths Reunion With Morrissey

Johnny Marr Doesn’t Rule Out Smiths ReunionJohnny Marr, former Smiths guitarist has spoken about the possibility of The Smiths possibly reforming in the future.

Marr, who was recently appointed as a professor of music at the University of Salford, has said that he’s very open to the possibility of the British Eighties super group reforming.

He told BBC Five Live:

“Stranger things have happened so, you know, who knows?”

“It’s no biggy. Maybe we will in 10 or 15 years’ time when we all need to for whatever reasons, but right now Morrissey is doing his thing and I’m doing mine, so that’s the answer really.”

Marr now plays with Modest Mouse and prefers to talk about his current project than one which died 20 years ago, but hopes of a Smiths reunion seem to be high in British music fans hopes.

The recent trend for old bands reforming has provoked a lot of talk about others possibly giving it another go. I certainly could never see The Verve reforming after the way they acrimoniously split, but time has proved a healer and maybe it will for Marr and Morrissey too.

The one band who I’d like to see get back together would be The Stone Roses but the chances of that are very slim. Lead singer Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire haven’t spoken in years and I just don’t think it’ll ever happen. If it does, you rightly have permission to say “You were wrong!”.

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  • Morrissey

    Look, I’m letting you all know right now that it’s not going to happen. Marr can twiddle his twat with Modest Mouse all he wants but we’re never reforming and that’s it.

    p.s.: Mike Joyce is gay!

  • Shane Jacobus

    “I bought ‘Louder than Bombs.’ Oh, it’s so good. Addictivie. Marr and Morrissey are sorcerors when it comes to music.”

    Indeed. You should also get Hatful of Hollow.

  • Dinah

    I bought “Louder than Bombs.” Oh, it’s so good. Addictivie. Marr and Morrissey are sorcerors when it comes to music.

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  • Shane Jacobus

    Um, all I said was it would be nice to hear about Johnny Marr at least reconciling with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. I never said anything about reforming The Smiths without Morrissey.

  • Bigmouth

    The Smiths wouldn’t be The Smiths without Morrissey. It’s like reforming Gun ‘n’ Roses without Slash. If they reform, it needs to be the whole band. No exceptions!

  • Shane Jacobus

    It would be wonderful to see Morrissey swallow his pride and get back together with The Smiths, but it’s pretty obvious that is NEVER going to happen. He’s too stubborn. Still, it would totally make my day to hear that Johnny Marr has at least reconciled with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce.

    • VivaLasTetas

      They all fell out over money not music.Pity really.Morrisey doesn’t like football but you often see the other lads at the match in Manchester …it wouldn’t take much for them to pick up their instruments in City square and give us all a blast…after all JM and MJ have been on stage thre in the last few months( though not at the same time)

      They were good but it’s VD who draw the audiences in Manchester nowadays