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Friday, September 28, 2007 - 3:30 am ET

The Sword Contest Final Question

kat-von-d.jpgOk, this is the fifth and final question in The Sword Age Of Winters CD give away

Kat Von D formerly of The Miami Ink now has her own show and it is based in L.A., hence the name L.A. Ink. Here is the final question…

L.A.Ink’s Kat Von D is…
A: A hotty
B: Mediocre
C: A Pretty girl, but she going to look like a wet road-map when she gets older.

For Contest rules click here

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  1. By dale schmucker
    1176 days ago

    the other day I was going throught the tv channels and lo and behold kat von d was on ellen. I enjoy a tattoo but hers was ugly. she has a picture of beethoven on her right thight and his hair went all the way to her pubic hair. It was ugly and she will cry when she is in her late 40’s. could you imagine having sex with her and mr. beethoven looking at you, not me!!!!!!!


  2. By Scott
    1175 days ago

    I agree, dale. Even though I have my doubts that you just kinda happened to surf the channels and land on Ellen.(just kidding) I think shes a very pretty girl underneath all that ink…but she’s gonna look awful when she gets old and skin start top sag and ink starts to fade. I think we have a winner…official announcement tomorrow..til then I’m gonna be hittin the Heineken draught keg and playin guitar hero!


  3. By Sammi A.
    901 days ago

    I adore Kat Von D and it is your own opinion on what you have to say about it her.

    tattoos, if you do not have many or grow up around them, you do not understand their lifestyle, there for, do not speak down upon it.

    have your maturity and respect for others who do not share in your aspect of life. And we shall do the same.


  4. By Scott
    901 days ago

    I have tattoos, but there is a point when enough is enough and you go overboard. Kat is a very pretty woman…but she covers it in all that ink.


  5. By simon
    847 days ago

    I don’t really think kat gives a shit about what she will look like when she gets old. She is not scared to live in the moment, it is apparent people who are too scared to do just that frown on the amount of tats she has.


  6. By mike
    846 days ago

    Kat Von D is beautiful. Her tattoos are part of her and who she is. She made me see who I really am. And I idolize her for that.


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