Be Fashionably Swine Flu-Free!

May 7, 2009 by Lia Espina  
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I don’t really know how to react to this product. (Not exactly gadget-y but definitely worth sharing!)

I don’t know whether it’s making a joke out of the swine flu issue or it’s trying to atleast lighten the atmosphere with the paranoia brewing in most countries.

I probably have this big question mark over my head while writing this post. But for the sake of geek fashion, this Japanese face mask is probably the most fashionable face mask you’ll ever see around.

You have to admit, seeing people wear those ghastly hospital face mask can cause a scare, but if you see people wearing this cute face mask from Japan, you’d probably laugh it off.

In Japan, it is customary to wear a face mask when you have the flu, cough and colds. It’s seen as being polite as you don’t want to be the reason to cause an epidemic.

So, amidst the swine flu epidemic, if you still want to be fashionable, you can get these!

By the way, wearing face masks don’t assure you of not getting infected with swine flu. Always remember to wash your hands, and keep away from people who exhibit flu symptoms. And if you’re experiencing flu symptoms yourself, like cough, colds and sore throat, be pro active and go to your nearest hospital to have yourself checked!

Where to buy: Japan Trend Shop
Price: $68.00

[ Image courtesy of Japan Trend Shop ]