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Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 3:47 am ET

Does the Shake Weight Really Work?

It’s not often something in the fitness world makes news, but the unorthodox Shake Weight has women chirping about the possibility of toned triceps and laughing about the rest. The marketers behind the Shake Weight must be delirious with how much press their suggestive “exercise” has received.

Check out Ellen talking about the ShakeWeight:

So it’s received lots of press and everybody loves to laugh about it, but does the Shake Weight actually work? Numerous web reviews from actual owners say yes, you can feel that your triceps have been given a workout afterwords. I don’t own a ShakeWeight, but I’ll agree the motion that shows in the commercials is going to hit your triceps and shoulders. So yes, technically it works if you continually plug away at it as if you would a regular workout, but therein lies the marketing genius.

First, the shake weight isn’t going to burn anything above a scintilla of fat off your body. Thus, if you have flabby arms you might be able to get a little more muscle, but you still need to burn fat. Second, there’s a subliminal message that goes along with the Shake Weight that it will somehow help you lose weight or get in shape, when it will do nothing of the kind. Still, people will buy the ShakeWeight under these pretenses and then throw it in the back of the closet once a new fad hits the market. In the end, all the ShakeWeight does is basically give you 1 tricep exercise for $19.95 (postage and handling).

If you really want to do it, you could just buy a 2.5 lb dumbell and imitate the commercials. Or you could just go to the gym and do some tris and shoulders.

Think of the Shake Weight as 1 tiny car accessory in an auto parts store. Can it help you with an aspect of your car? Sure, but it matters less than 1% in the whole scheme of things. The Shake Weight is akin to replacement seat covers in comparison to regular cardio exercise being an engine.

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  1. By Julie James
    290 days ago

    I own the Shake Weight and really like it. I’ve been using it since new years after my cardio, my arms are definitely more toned. Yes, no piece of equipment is going to do all the work. But adding in the Shake Weight with your other exercise and fitness routines, really does create the results they advertise. I ordered it off their website They have a triple money back guarantee. I would try it before judging it. The results speak for themselves.


    • By kxwaal
      29 days ago

      You own a Shake Weight?!?! This means you may have JUST the skills I’m looking for!! You should drop me a line…

  2. By kris jones
    288 days ago


    I think you and I basically agree. You seem to have some affiliation to ShakeWeight so you just didn’t like the way I wrote the article.


  3. By Julie James
    279 days ago

    Kris – if you can send me your email address, I want to send you the Fitness IQ Report behind Shake Weight and Dynamic Inertia with the facts and testimonials from professionals about how exactly the Shake Weight works. I just want you to read the study so you can have the information. I hope to hear from you soon – and I’ll get that study right over to you.


  4. By John
    251 days ago

    Hi Kris, I actually wrote a review of this product on but was surprised by the number of reviews that people posted saying the product seems to work for them. I am still skeptical and wouldn’t advise anyone to give up their regular training quite yet.


    • By big joe
      29 days ago

      you guys are stupid and ignorant
      this WILL NOT work
      people are stupid and should learn to work out correctly

  5. By Regan4000
    244 days ago

    Julie…. you are ridiculously obviously just someone working for the ’shake weight’.

    I know people have jobs to surf the net and pretend to be satisfied customers, but I had thought (hoped) that they were a little more surreptitious.


    • By Blue phongsavane
      103 days ago

      I don’t work Regan and I can honestly say the shake weight has worked wonders for me.
      I personally hate weights for my arms and using the shake weight has toned my arms and I dont feel like dropping the weight while using it. So do not assume anyone who posts positive comments is a person who works for who knows what company, because women like me post positive comments about products that work.

  6. By Anonymous
    244 days ago

    haha fckng bullsht!


  7. By Rex
    241 days ago

    Julie James, we all know you work for shakeweight.


  8. By Kia
    228 days ago

    I own one of those myself….and what are my results??
    I laugh and do it laugh and do it and laughed some more and do it some more.
    For all dirty and nondirty minded it does burn and it does seem to work
    For me. I just hope I don’t look like the lady in the infomercial..YIKES!


  9. By gnu
    225 days ago

    I started using the Shake Weight about 2 weeks ago and I’m posting pictures of my progress and an ongoing review at:

    I think it is working so far as my arms do feel a little more muscular (don’t know if you can tell from the photos) But that’s an interesting point about fat-burning since that’s what I really need to do.


  10. By Austin C.
    210 days ago

    yes, people: the product is garbage…bogus. read this article from


  11. By Vibrators
    209 days ago

    It looks like an adult toy, love it


  12. By Mark
    175 days ago

    Firstly I’d like to say that I own a shake weight and I think it is great! The product is designed to give your muscles multiple contractions one after another in a very short period of time, more than lets say your average curl or tricep dips can do for you. I am also a certified personal trainer and think that shake weight is a great addition to a workout. I don’t work for shake weight, I am in no way affiliated with them or Julie, but I think the product is great and that the rest of you should try it out before you judge it too harshly.


  13. By Erin
    175 days ago

    I am always skeptical to buy anything from commercials, but I decided I would try it thinking it wouldn’t work. I have only been using it for 4 days, but have already lost an inch in my arms. I will post more details after another week. I’m hoping i can lose another inch. I’m 5′2 135, most of my extra weight is in my arms and stomach…so im hoping this can at least help my arms!


    • By Johnny Appleseed
      155 days ago

      Hate to break it to you Erin, but there is no such thing as spot reducing. You may be ever-so-slightly strengthening the muscles in you arm; however, you are not losing weight in your arms because of the shakeweight. Likewise, if I did abs until I was blue in the face, I would not lose any weight in my midsection because the calories burned are very minimal.

  14. By Travis
    33 days ago

    How the F*** do you loose an inch in your arms in four four days!!!
    WTF! Where did you measure your arm? Around your biceps on day one and your forearm on day 4? I guess you did loose an inch with those measurements…..LMAO!

  15. By Travis
    33 days ago

    I know some people go around posting positive reviews for items in blogs to help with the sales of certain products but to this post by ERIN I reply with the great words of Cris Carter from the NFL, “C’MON MAN!!!

  16. By glory
    172 days ago

    I am very disappointed with the company’s response of not crediting my cc after returning the SW to them, as I was not a satisfied customer. It was over the 30 day limit so that’s it, they have the SW back and my $. Poor business PR on their part, not a happy customer on my part…not a way for them to promote their business.
    To all of you out there that are thinking of trying this product, and if you are not happy with it…send it back before your 30 days are up!


    • By Dustin
      165 days ago

      Glory… let me guess, you have a treadmill that’s been sitting in your garage for years now after being used for 1 week.

  17. By SIm
    161 days ago

    Lame review. Go buy the product and use it before you comment. No credibility.


    • By Kris
      119 days ago

      Hey Jackass, I’m not going to pay $35 for something I already know is a ripoff. Anything in the world can give you a burn if you want a workout. Try holding your shoulders straight above your head for a minute – hey it’s a miracle workout, your shoulders burn. Try standing on your toes for a minute – hey it’s a miracle workout, your calves burn. Try doing 20 pushups in a row – hey it’s a miracle workout, your triceps, arms, and chest burn.

      Damn you people are stupid as hell. The shake weight is a gadget being used as a marketing ploy. You don’t need it, they just convince you you need it. Pick up two books on your palms and press them together as tight as you can away from your body. Holy shit, it’s the NEW BOOK BURNER!!! $19.95 S&H. If that doesn’t sell you, let’s throw in some pelvic thrusts so it makes you giggle at the sexual suggestion and BURN MORE CALORIES!

  18. By glory
    146 days ago

    Out of all these reviews, you picked mine to comment about…why thank you.
    No, my treadmill is not sitting in the garage…I use it when the weather is bad, otherwise I walk 5 miles a day+. As far as the SW is concerned, it’s the principal of the whole issue with the company. Just poor business PR on their part. By the way the total was $35.85…not $19.99. The company advertises free? shipping and handling…but then they charge postage and handing. What’s free about that? I’ve also notified the BBB of their advertising. Do you own a SW or do you work for the company?


    • By Richelle
      143 days ago

      Go get them Glory!!!!
      I’m checking out the posts to see if I should order the SW. Think I’ll pass and stick with the free weights and walking.

  19. By kimba
    142 days ago

    I thought the shake weight was pretty funny looking but when I saw it in one of those As Seen on TV stores, I tried it and could really feel it in my triceps. I got one and have been using it and am seeing a difference. It doesn’t burn fat but it’ll tone your arms and give them a decent workout. It’s no substitute for the rest of your routine and a good diet but it helps an area that I find is difficult to isolate effectively. I do think some of the claims in the commercials are exaggerated as they imply it will work out your entire upper body in five minutes but for the price, I think it’s worth the investment.


  20. By Cassandra
    138 days ago

    Absolute piece of junk..I already work out, and thought it would be something fun to have at home to work on my arms the days I don’t go to the gym and just use my treadmill…maybe because I didn’t really have weight to lose…I can’t say, but as far as noticing any difference or even feeling any difference there was non, zilch, nada…..put it in the Goodwill drop off bag….maybe someone else will see some difference. The best it provided was a good laugh over how stupid it looks when you actually use it…


  21. By Mia
    135 days ago

    So true.. I can just do the same thing with a dumbell… Thanks for posting that, I was under the spell of the shake weight.. but just reading that comment brought me to my senses! My $30 can be put to better use. Besides, I already have a 2.5 dumbell.. As my Mother always says, “Just another invention to separate me from my money!” Kris, you saved me money today – THANK YOU!!


    • By Kris
      119 days ago

      This comment brought a smile to my face. So glad I saved you money. Thank you for the comment and so glad you didn’t buy. Get yourself something worthwhile with that $35.

  22. By Tami
    128 days ago

    Most of these reviews seem to support shakeweight because they have bought it and tried it themselves. Most reviews that dont support it are from people that have not tried it. I saw the commercials and I saw it at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $20. I decided getting it at a store is always cheaper since you are not charged for postage. I already do over and hour of exercise with some swimming, stretching and some lifting of 5 pound wieghts. When I have mentioned how weights only seems to make me gain muscle but not burn fat people tell me that the muscle I build burns fat after a good amount of weeks doing it. So if Shake wieght really does tone your arms wouldn’t the muscle eventually burn fat. And if I am already doing 30 min. (350 cal) on an elliptical and 35 min (200 cal) on a bike along with other exercise moves and I add shake weight to my routine, wouldn’t I eventually get results?


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