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10 Rockin’ Developments in Linux; iFuse for

September 30, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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IBM’s developerWorks’ article reminds us of 10 important developments in Linux.

  1. Linux Professional Institute certification
  2. Samba
  3. Linux on S/390
  4. SELinux
  5. Linux Live CDs
  6. Linux clusters
  7. Linux supercomputing
  8. Linux on Play Station
  9. Virtualization
  10. One Laptop Per Child

Tux, the mascot (heart brushes from

Tux, the mascot (heart brushes from

There are some things on this list that I never knew about until today like Linux on S/390. I’ve never met anyone who has worked with mainframes with Linux so this is something to read up on. But the other things on the list are ones I could relate with. Especially the live CDs of Linux. One of the first encounters I’ve had with Linux involved a live CD of Knoppix. It showed me how amazing Linux is. For one thing, I never found any live CDs of Windows ; ) And now the current version of Knoppix is version 6. The first one I’ve had was Knoppix 3, if I recall correctly. Other live CDs that helped me advocate Linux to friends happens to be DSL and Gnoppix.

Samba is simply awesome because it is useful especially when sharing files with people within the office. If not for Samba, we’d all have to keep looking for flashdrives and CDs to copy files on to. Too much of a hassle if not for Samba.

And there’s also great news for those using iPod Touch and iPhones. There’s now a way for you to connect them to your laptop in Ubuntu Karmic Koala, Jaunty Jackalope, Intrepid Ibex and Hardy Heron. Thanks to for the tutorial on connecting your iPhone and/or iPod Touch on Ubuntu. This requires you to get iFuse, a tool which does not require jailbreaking nor extra software on your iPhone or iPod Touch because it uses “libiphone” to connect. The comments might also be useful because there are people who gave feedback on how it was when they tried it. Fortunately, there are also packages for Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora and Mandriva. The project team currently needs alpha testers too. If you could contribute patches, documentation, etc. it will be really cool and helpful not only to you but other iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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