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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

New Linux User

Acer+Android+Windows 7

October 14, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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Acer is now really going to go put Android on their netbooks. A Linux Insider article talks about how Acer will have Android and Windows 7 in dual boot on their netbooks. Argh, the netbook will also have 9 hours of battery life. I don’t really care much about Windows 7. Even if they say that they are including Windows 7 for productivity on the netbook, I disagree. People could be productive on other platforms with the general office tools like and image manipulation tools like GIMP. There’s probably a way for them to stick with Android if they wanted to but maybe they were burned the last time they made their netbooks ship with Linpus? Because not everyone liked Linpus and there were users who really wanted Windows. Pressure perhaps? I am just speculating here. After all, if they feel their users/buyers are more receptive to Windows then they’d most likely want that in their machines to capture the market. Personally, I’d find their reason somewhat justified if they said they were putting Windows 7 for convenience.

AndroidSo yeah, Acer’s joining the Android group and it might be interesting to see what happens. I am kinda hoping they will drop Windows 7 and stick with an all Android setup and see how that will progress. Part of me is thinking that we shouldn’t rely on Windows applications because there are Linux-based apps that work well too. Unless the person’s needs are highly specialized that is.

Are you excited about this latest news or are you dreading it? What do you expect from Acer now that they are planning to release a netbook with both Android and Windows 7? I am personally excited to have a netbook with 9 hours of battery life with a really fast boot-up time. But Windows 7 — no, I don’t think I’d want that. In any case feel free to drop by and share your thoughts here.

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