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I Bid You Adieu!

August 10, 2006 by Jon  
Filed under General

All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes. MY tenure here on New Linux User is no different. NLU came to life just before October of 2005 and it’s been a fun ride. I’ve decided to depart from b5 both as New Linux User blogger and as Tech Channel Editor. I have some personal projects that I’d like to dedicate more time to and since nobody seems to be making more hours, I need to pare down what I do in the existing ones. b5 has been the single greatest blogging experience of my career so far. Working with Jeremy, Darren, Duncan, and Shai has been inspiring and the bloggers and other channel editors that form the body of b5 has been nothing short of amazing. I’ll miss the community and obviously... [Read more]

Explanation: Using /etc/hosts

July 28, 2006 by Jon  
Filed under Explanation

In the comments section of a recent post, I mentioned that I used my /etc/hosts file to test out a site after moving it to a new server. Instead of leaving it in the comments, I thought I would pull that knowledge out into a post. As regular readers can probably surmise, I’ve been doing an awful lot of host-moving these days. In the past week I’ve moved all 10 of my domains twice. I’ve moved domains before, but never on such a grand scale and never more than once in a week. It sucked, but I learned a few things such as using the /etc/hosts file. When you move a site, the IP address of that site will change. To let the world know that your IP address has changed, you need to update your DSN records however it... [Read more]

The Free World: Moving Hosts Tip

July 26, 2006 by Jon  
Filed under The Free World.

I’ve had the dubious pleasure of moving hosts twice in the last week. The first time was from an unmanaged VPS at Unixshell to a managed VPS at TekTonic. The second move was from the managed VPS at TekTonic to a managed VPS at PowerVPS. The difference between an unmanaged plan and a managed plan is like night and day. An unmanaged plan gives you a box with a Linux distro on it (unless you get a Windows unmanaged VPS which are few and far between). A managed plan, in most cases, gives you a box with a Linux distro and a management panel like cPanel and all the ‘normal’ type stuff you’ll be expected to need like PHP and MySQL. It’s the cPanel Web Hosting Manager (WHM) that makes all the difference... [Read more]

The (Not So) Free World: TUX Magazine No Longer Gratis

July 25, 2006 by Jon  
Filed under The Free World.

Too bad, I really enjoyed TUX and I’ve always felt close to it because of the close birthday it has with my first foray into podcasting. Having spoken with Nick Petrely on a few occassion and having written an article for the sister publication, Linux Journal, I’ve always had a soft spot for SSC. If you’re currently subscribed, you’ll remain free for a year. Full details here. [Read more]

Explanation: File Permissions Angst

July 23, 2006 by Jon  
Filed under Explanation

I recently moved our podcast, The JaK Attack! to a new server. My master plan was to just tar up the directories, wget them across to the new server, untar them and call it a day. Well, I had to dump and restore the databases as well, but that’s another story. What I very quickly learned is that it’s very easy to lose file permissions and ownerships when you do what I did. When untarring the file onto the new server, it’s important to do it as the user who owns the account, and not the root user. Untarring the tarball as the root user will make the new files owned by root which can cause all sorts of problems with whatever CMS or blogware you’re running. It’s not that hard to recursively change... [Read more]

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