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Download Lots of Files with Multiget

October 7, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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Avid downloader? You’re probably scouring the entire internet for the things you need. Whether it’s images, text files or music or something else, you could use MultiGet to manage your downloads. There’s a graphical user interface for you unlike wget which is something you run on the command line.

GTK+2.0 runtime library

So how does this funky MultiGet thing work?

Basically you treat downloads as tasks. Tasks would include details such as the following:

  • Main URL (of what you are going to download)
  • Mirrors (if your download has mirrors, that is)
  • Save to (the directory of your choice)
  • Rename (as necessary)
  • Threads
  • Retry
  • Retry waits (or how long should you wait for it to retry again)
  • Proxy option
    • SOCKS
    • FTP
    • HTTP
  • Login information (optional — you might have downloads that require these things): user name and password.
  • Reference (another optional field)

One of the really nifty things is that you could do downloads of multiple files with numbers as filenames by using the brackets when you’re defining that task.

If you have files with these URLs:

You could simply define the main URL as[1-9].gif

Availability of MultiGet in Linux distros

It will work with these distros:

  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • OpenSuse
  • Mandriva
  • CentOS
  • Puppy
  • Arch Linux

These are just some of the distros that are sure to be able to run this application. Well, you could always try it on another distro but it is still unkown as to how it would really work with it.

I think this is a good solution for those ISOs I am trying to download. I don’t have to wait for them each time. In any case good luck and happy downloading!

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