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FSLint Helps You Clean Up Your Files

August 4, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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If you’ve had your Linux installation for the longest time, sometimes you don’t really know what’s in there any more. Some of the problems we have:

  • Temporary files which never get cleaned up
  • Duplicate files. Maybe those we’ve downloaded before. But never removed after using them or maybe we copied them in another directory aside from the download directory. (This happens to me too. Especially when I get careless.)
  • Empty directories. We get lots of these when we move files around.

For us to manage our files, a tool such as FSLint would surely help.

This utility helps you search through your file system in order to find out if you’ve got duplicates, bad names, name clashes, temp files, bad symlinks, bad IDs, empty directories, non-stripped binaries, redundant whitespace. It also shows you what packages are installed.

One of the things I am guilty of is that I keep installing all these packages when I try them out but I forget to remove them and the other files related to it afterwards. No wonder I don’t have as much disk space as I think I should have. And lots of duplicates. Geh. I fail at cleaning up and I hope to change that with FSLint.

The nice thing about the user interface is that you could select which category it should be looking for. Once you have selected it, click the “Find” button and it will give you a list of the files it sees. Once you have a list you could select the files for deletion one by one or you could enter the wildcard for you to select multiple files in an instant.

Try it and see your directories cleaned up, hopefully giving you a whole lot of space left. Also, they have a blog that’s not just about FSLint, but Linux in general so maybe you’d like to add them to your list.

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