Google Chromium with Flash Support for Ubuntu

September 10, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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The first time I installed Chromium, it was terribly slow. Ugh. I couldn’t wait for it to load a website. It was just too painfully slow to wait for it. Just now I read a write-up about it having Flash support in Ubuntu. Hrmm. If people are talking about that now, then it must be better, right?

So… apparently there’s a better way to install Chromium on Ubuntu, the right way. Don’t worry. Even if there are command line instructions, they are straightforward. You basically need to add the Chromium PPA repo. That way you get automatic updates as it is being developed. And this guide tells us how to add an icon on the top panel.



For Flash support

You could look at this guide that gives the details of the requirements for adding Flash support to Chromium. It also has some command line instructions but because they’re so direct to the point, you could follow them quickly.

I am still waiting for the download to be finished. I’d love to include some screenshots here so you’d know and have a better idea about it.

I am not yet considering using Chromium as my default browser but I’ve heard raves about Google Chrome from my co-workers that is why I just have to know it for myself. Screenshots only give an idea but that’s not enough for us to form our personal opinions and choice on the matter, right? So why not try it out? Some people think that it’s a crappy browser though. (lol) And that makes me even more curious about it.

The guide I showed you is based on installing via a PPA. It might be unstable. Use at your own risk, as they say. I personally would rather take the chance.  This is the only way I’d know and experience Chromium.

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One Response to “Google Chromium with Flash Support for Ubuntu”
  1. Timelady (subscribed) says:

    It is fast, it is nifty. I have extensions working in it – chromium ones. I am all prepared to love it to bits. flash works.


    There are certain tools i cannot work without, certain extensions i must have for web dev work, i need those. so, firefox i stay with. sigh.

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