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Poll: What Wiki Are You Using?

September 24, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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This is specifically for your computers, not the ones on your server. I have been using different wikis in order to organize my thoughts over the years. I notice that all of them are quite different from each other. It’s not just how the applications behave, it’s also the way users need to interact with them, as well as the overall functionalities. Because I am curious, here’s a poll and please feel free to answer it as you see fit. There’s no right or wrong answer on this one.

Which desktop wiki are you using?

Zim Wiki
I run and Apache and have Pmwiki
I run Apache and have Dokuwiki
Others (Please comment so you could indicate what it is)

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If you’re one who’s testing different kinds of applications, I think it’s still ok to join the poll. Especially if you catch yourself using these PHP-based wikis on your computer often enough. I myself would still use Apache to run different kinds of PHP-based applications. Including wikis, that is. Two of the most common ones I know of are Pmwiki and Dokuwiki. I think that those wiki engines are available in the Ubuntu repositories for download and installation.

There are really the desktop-based wikis too like Zim Wiki and Tomboy. Those two are quite similar because they both have project groupings that you could use to make sure that the files don’t get mixed up in any way whatsoever. When it comes to desktop based wikis, I think that they are both good. It’s just that one has to make sure that they fit the needs of the users. Else, it’s just useless. And I think that both of them actually have good potential.

If you have comments, questions and suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

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