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September 2, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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Looking for something smaller than a netbook but will give you more time to check your mail, read an ebook or two and watch videos? Then it looks like Sharp might have the answers to your prayers with their upcoming PC-Z1 Mobile Internet Tool.

Image Credit: Sharp World


  • Quick launching of applications
  • Long battery time – but this could be affected by your usage. If you watch videos or listen to music a lot, this is going to be lessened.
  • Touch screen LCD and keyboard. Your input is not limited to the keyboard. I suppose that a touch screen will come in handy compared to a touchpad because of the small size of the gadget. It will end up being easier to touch the screen to move a cursor. At the same time you will still have a keyboard to type your messages or input your selection, etc.
  • You could also create documents if you need them. Although personally, I don’t think it’s going to be practical. Maybe if it’s that urgent and important, yes. But the screen will be too small for comfort.
  • Wifi. Yes! Hooray for this. It’s just like having a DSi but better because it has more applications.

And why am I posting it here on New Linux User? It’s because this little baby will use a customized Ubuntu Linux. Sharp customized it so that they could already bundle Firefox, Adobe Flash Lite, Totem, Gedit, etc. on it. Also, because of the tiny screen size, this gadget would need an custom desktop environment or window manager. Interesting, right? It will be released in Japan in late September or around October this year. I hope that I’d encounter someone with it so I could play around with it. It looks more interesting than the Zaurus. Or maybe I am just interested because it’s shiny and new? Either way, I’d love to try something this small when I travel because the long battery life will be beneficial for me. I think that it will also be nifty to store maps on such a small device so that it will be easier to roam around. It won’t be too small for such a purpose, methinks.

In any case, just check it out. It really might be an interesting gadget for those who are more into emailing. But of course, this would be best for those who live in countries which have wifi spots that are open.

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