Handbrake to Convert Video Files

May 31, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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I wanted to convert some of my files to mp4 so I could watch them on the iPod. Fortunately it was possible using Handbrake. Handbrake lets me convert files easily because I only need to point it to the source file and then select the output type — if it will be for the iPod, a gaming console like a PSP or something else. You could also have custom settings.

Handbrake https://handbrake.fr

Handbrake https://handbrake.fr

So yes, Handbrake. What does it really do? It’s basically a transcoder of video files. It doesn’t rip DVDs but it converts files to other file formats. But as the makers of Handbrake points out in their wiki, if you want a super tool you could check out mencoder instead.

The latest version of Handbrake is said to have better H.264 encoding so picture quality is better now. I already saw that the video I converted was clear and it didn’t have any pixelations whatsoever and it didn’t slow down at any moment either. At least on my iPod.

This is what handbrake really looks like when you launch it.

This is what handbrake really looks like when you launch it.

I think that the Presets from the menu also helps new users of Handbrake a lot because it’s quick for us to choose any one that suits our needs especially if we are not familiar with the settings for conversion too.

I am not sure how quick other transcoders can convert files, so far, it seems as that the conversion time is almost as long as the video’s playback time. More or less, that is. I can’t say it’s slow or quick because I have nothing to compare it with. But at least it seems good enough for me.

Want a Y!Messenger Counterpart? Try GYACHI!

May 17, 2009 by Clair Ching  
Filed under Geeky Fun

It’s been difficult not having a Yahoo! Messenger counterpart because most of my contacts, including my mom, are always using Y!M. It’s not easy to communicate if I can’t even do voice and video chats with her. I forgot all about GYACHI until I read this blog entry about how to install GYACHI on Ubuntu.

you could have voice and video with Y!M contacts using GYACHI!

you could have voice and video with Y!M contacts using GYACHI!

So far, the webcam on my Acer Aspire One works well with it. I tested with one of my co-workers this morning. But — here are some things I have to figure out first:

  • The voice chat. It’s been looking for a tsd32.dll and tssoft32.acm. A guide says that I need to copy those files from Windows machines. Hrmm. I wonder if it doesn’t matter which Windows version it is. Must get to a Windows machine first!
  • Sending Audibles seems to make it hang. I don’t know if it’s just on my machine though. But I ended up killing the GYACHI process. :( I don’t mind not having audibles. Oh well. :)

Other cutesy stuff:

  • There are environments but they don’t seem to be animated, compared to the Windows ones.
  • The emoticons are the Y! emoticons. Really fun to use with friends.
  • You could see who’s logged in but are in the invisible state. I am not sure how GYACHI does it but it’s like that.

If you’ve never tried GYACHI, then maybe it’s about time. ;)

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