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Tidbits: Sonar for Power Management; Create

October 15, 2009 by Clair Ching  
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Ever wondered how you can manage your computer’s power so that it’s being used efficiently? This is something I think laptop users would be very concerned about so as to conserve battery time. You don’t want your computer to keep on using power while you’re away right? And of course a hassle-free experience will be ideal. Amazingly enough a research group has thought of a plan: by using sonar. What would be used for this experience is your computer’s mic and speakers.

image credit: cohdra via Morguefile

image credit: cohdra via Morguefile

Their plan:

The group developed software that, when the user is not using the mouse or keyboard, plays a tone at a high frequency and records the tone’s echo. The computer then processes the tone and filters out everything except the frequency and looks for variance.

Interesting concept, right? Because it’s not just about efficiency in using power but it’s also about your user experience. And these researchers know from experience too.

If you’re really concerned with power saving the software is said to detect your presence up to 8 feet away. The research group is looking for people to participate in the project by testing the software. This Sonar Power Manager could be tested on Linux but you’d have to compile from source. It looks like a good project to participate in testing. You and the researchers will both gain from learning more about the feasibility of this power manager.

In other news, there is now an open source game editor you could check out. It’s called Game Editor. It’s for those who want to create games for computers as well as mobile devices. Users can choose to make free and open source games but if they want to distribute the games using other licenses they have to pay USD 95 for the professional edition. Interested? Check out Game Editor and see if it fits your needs.

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