Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Amy Tucker

Amy Tucker

As the quintessential underachiever, Amy dropped out of college and left her medical school ambitions to marry her college sweetheart and move with him when he joined the Navy. Now, with two young children, Amy calls herself a mom and a freelance writer. She writes for her personal website along with Sims Gamer at EveryJoe. She also writes about cocktails, beer, cigars and more gaming for EveryJoe as well.

More Fangbanger Shirt Issues

I got a second message about my Fangbanger shirt [from a different person] and now it’s abundantly obvious that something wonky IS going on with my creation but it still works just fine for me. Case in point: I took that today after deleted the shirt from my game and then downloaded it from the file that I put on Mod the Sims. Here’s my problem: I highly suspect that the issue is that I’m playing an EA patched game and the people who are having issues haven’t patched their games. Now, this is just an assumption but I can’t figure out any other reason for the shirt not working for them. So I have a favor to ask. I’m not going to un-patch my game [since that would require me to uninstall the... [Read more]

No Intro Hack Makes Me Happy

September 22, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
Filed under Miscellaneous, Sims 3 Downloads, The Sims 3

I wrote a while back about a hack that you can download that kills the intro on Sims 3. I really didn’t see much of a point since I still thought that the intro movie was novel and what’s wrong with just hitting the spacebar? And then I started creating custom content and having to reload my game time after time and you know what? Those intros get down right annoying. REALLY annoying. The No Intro hack won’t get rid of the load screens. But, it will take you right to the load screen and believe it or not, that really does shave off a good deal of time. So, if you get as frustrated at the intros as I do then I highly suggest that you download the No Intro Hack. Image|Son of Groucho [Read more]

Shadow Guitar for Sims 3

September 21, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
Filed under Custom Objects, Sims 3 Downloads, The Sims 3

Does your Sim want nothing more than to master every musical instrument that they can get their hands on? Do YOU get bored with the way that the default guitars look in-game? If so, then I have the guitar for you. Xdarkshadowx has created an awesome new mesh/guitar for your Sims 3 game and you should definitely take advantage of this great piece of work. The guitar works just like any other guitar in the game and is 100 % recolorable so you can add your own personal touch to the color design. New mesh means that this is a wholly new object and it should be considered to be “in Beta” at the moment until more people have downloaded it and all of the [potential] kinks have been worked through. Wonderful addition to... [Read more]

2009 Lexus IS F for Sims 3

I have for you a 2009 Lexus IS F for your Sims 3 to drive around. First off, what graphics card is Fresh-Prince using? How freakin’ awesome does this screenshot look?! This car is going to set your Sims back $58,000 but is completely worth it when you look at house wonderful this car is. I’ve downloaded this Lexus but haven’t had a chance to play it in-game yet so my next two statements are assumptions. Since it’s not stated that the headlights don’t work, then I’m going to assume that they work in this car. Also, I assume that the car is recoulorable but like I said, I haven’t played it yet so I don’t know. There is always the possibility that you can only get it in red and black... [Read more]

Cute Sims 3 Starter House

Too many of the starter houses that are available for download for Sims 3 are either bare bones and ugly or they’re beautiful but have so much custom content that there’s no way that you would REALLY be able to have such a bad ass house on a “just starting out” budget. This isn’t one of those houses. This starter by MotorHalo manages to ride that fine line between so cheap that there’s no way that you would live in it and so much custom content that you’re essentially cheating your way into an inexpensive house. Modern Starter for Two comes both unfurnished [$12,730] and furnished [$18,765] and the lot size is 20×20 and has one bedroom, a nice bathroom and a kitchen and living room.... [Read more]

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