Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Color Coded Ghosts in Sims 3

October 8, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
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A couple of weeks ago, I bought a lot in my Sims 3 game that is haunted.Sims 3 Golddigger

They don’t cause too much trouble…well…just don’t count levitating the fridge…and they come in all of these pretty colors. I didn’t think much of it until I saw this video that shows how the ghosts got their colors.

  • Starvation: purple
  • Drowning: blue with water dripping
  • Fire: Orange with flames
  • Electrocution: yellow with lightning bolts
  • Old Age: Grey

Now, instead of looking at my ghost Sims like [sometimes] bothersome trumped up lawn ornaments, I actually feel a little bit bad for the transparent ghosties.

And then, because it came up as a related video, I watched this one entitled “Sims 3: New Ways to Kill Off your Sim Once You Get Bored”. Before you get too upset with the video, IT’S A JOKE. If I see one “that’s not how it really is in the game”, I just might burst into flames and become an orange ghost.

Watch the video and laugh at it because it IS funny if you’re not taking yourself too seriously.


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