First Look at Pregnancy in Sims 3

February 12, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
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20 Responses to “First Look at Pregnancy in Sims 3”
  1. asil says:

    will there be alot of close for them and when the babies are born can we put close on them and will there be more baby stuff

  2. Deejay says:

    Can Sims 3 have more stuff to do with babies and close for them and prams and more different cribs for them please. And for the pregnant for them to have a variety of maternity clothes for them please.

    • Amy Tucker says:

      From what I’ve read, there will be a lot more clothing to choose from for pregnant Sims this time around.

      As far as cribs and such, there are TONS of custom cribs out there so even if the base game doesn’t supply them, I’m sure you’ll be able to eventually find a crib/stroller that meets your needs.

  3. Nia says:

    I can not wait for it to come out, but willthere be pregnant teens or young adults?

  4. mary says:

    i can’t wait to get it they go to hospitable to have there baby’s and they dnt look the same

  5. harry says:

    hi i love the sims i had a woman who had 24 kids and she kept wanted more what should i do by the way love the pic

  6. Kayla says:

    Awwww,how cute!I just love looking at pregnant Sim women because I absolutely love kids!What a cute pic!

  7. anonymous says:

    loooooooooooooove this i cnt wait to buy this game its better than sims 2 because it has more graphics and teir r loads of choices

  8. anonymous says:


  9. Holly says:

    Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for the Sims 3! I have already Pre-ordered it. All pre-ordering does is that it lowers the price. You buy the Pre-order edition for $5.00, but then when it comes out, you can pick it up for $44.00. It is originally $50.00.

  10. Lewis says:

    Is it true that the babies are in blankits instead of dipers

  11. sal says:

    do you get to go to the hospital to get to see the baby born in sims 3? and also i really want to be able to have prams and buggys in sims 3. it will be so much better. :) anyone know anything?

    • Jess says:

      You don’t have to go to the hospital, but you can if you want to. Also, there are not prams as far as I know.

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