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November 19, 2008 by Amy Tucker  
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Everyone’s always emailing me and asking “how do I play sims online?!”  The answer is that you can’t.

I wrote about this back in May and was pretty testy about the whole deal but I’ve calmed since then and I guess I can’t blame you for trying.  So, for those of you who want to play Sims online for free I present to you this link. [Click where it says "this link"]

OK.  That’s a bit of a joke.  They’re Sims 2 online mini games to take some of the sting out of not being able to download Sims 2 online for free legally.

But don’t go away angry.  Friday I have a big giveaway to announce just to reward you for putting up with all of my crap.  I really do appreciate you’re emails, so keep them coming…even if they are about wanting to play Sims 2 for free.

Image Source: Kevin Zollman

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2 Responses to “Play Sims Games Online”
  1. Ashley says:

    Hey Just Wondering, Whats Your Sims 2 Program Series Called? Can I Watch It On YouTube? Sounds Good And I Kinda Wanna Watch It :P

  2. Lindsay Mulhall says:

    I think whatever you can do in real life you’re allowed to do on The Sims 2 like be mean to you’re children and there to be no social worker, and I think when you get a car of you’re own there is an option to put a car seat in the car and to take the little ones out to a restraunt so that you don’t have to wait till there a child. And also I think that you should be able to type what they or you want to say to people without not choosing an option witch you don’t want to pick or the option might not be there for you to do and there should be able to shout I think that the mums or dads are the only I think that you are allowed to treat the baby’s or toddlers with out respect and BE MEANT TO THEM.

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