Thursday, October 8th, 2009

SimAnimals – DS Stories

January 27, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
Filed under Console Games, Interview, SimsAnimals, Video

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2 Responses to “SimAnimals – DS Stories”
  1. Jeff Carter says:

    I have some questions for you to ask.

    1)If your sim family is going to the park togeather is there a ask to follow option?Example the father ask his kids and wife to follow him.

    2)Can sims do romantic interactions on the picnic towel?

    3)Is it true that sims families your not playing can divorce?

    4)Is there an relaxed breakup option for married and going steady sims?Example if they meet someone else they could breakup even if their daily and life is 100.

    5)Can sims walk and talk togeather at the same time?Also can they hold hands,wrap their arms around each other and kiss while walking?

    6)What ploppable buildings are in the lots and houses bins?Can you for example put another movie theater in the town?

    7)Are there any hottubs in the game?I know this has been said it isn’t from creators camp but they was playing an older build of the game.

    8)Can sims still kiss in bed and is there any new kisses in the bed and on the sofa?

    9)Of the cheats is the age sims cheat still in the sims 3 and also is familyfunds in?

    10)Can sims still wohoo in public places like the sceince museum and city hall?

    11)Is the heartbed in the game?

  2. Jeff Carter says:

    Ok if this is in the wrong section I meant to post it in the sims 3 section.

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