So Illegal Yet So Popular

May 28, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
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Repeat after me: Torrents are illegal. Downloading a game without paying for it is illegal. sims-3-playgroundThough it is fun to play something before everyone else, I’m naughty and should be punished if I’m caught downloading a game without paying for it.

OK. You can leave the whole “punished” part off if you really want to but if you do then you’re no fun.

Bloomberg is reporting some amazing numbers when it comes to Sims 3 piracy: Sims 3 was downloaded at least 180,000 times in three days. Yup. You read that number correctly. 18 with FOUR zeros in the back.

Apparently Spore was the biggest pirated game to date [also by EA] but Sims 3 looks poised to take Spore’s tin crown and stomp it.

I’m sure EA isn’t happy to have two of its games on the list of “most stolen” but the silver lining [and it's a very thin and not very shiny silver lining] is that the bootleg version isn’t complete-there’s an entire town missing. Also, EA put off releasing Sims 3 in February so that they could publicize the game more. Well, here’s a butt ton of publicity.

The complete [and legal] game will be released on June 2nd. I know that the “file sharing” won’t stop but I wonder if it will slow once the game hits store shelves?

Nah. Probably not.


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One Response to “So Illegal Yet So Popular”
  1. Pia says:

    its sooo good

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