Sims 3 AI More Intelligent and Insane

March 31, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
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I haven’t been really good about reading the Sims 3 blog.

In my defense, they hadn’t been very good about updated the content so after several times of heading over there and not seeing anything new…well…you understand.

I still go over there when I get the VIP emails to see what’s up and today I was greeted with a pretty cool piece by Richard Evans, Senior AI Engineer.

I won’t post the entire piece because what’s the point when you can go over there and read it yourself but I thought that I’d give you a couple of highlights.

Each Sim has a personality defined from a large array of traits, and these traits have a strong influence on autonomous behavior. A flirty Sim will preen and pose, while an un-flirty Sim will reject all but the most persistent suitor. Some Sims are family-oriented – you will see them playing games with their children and cooing over them; others dislike children, and can be heard complaining about them loudly.  All the Sims will express their personalities on their own, without needing constant input from you.

Sometimes, what looks like a coding problem turns out to be an unexpected side-effect of the Sim’s personality. Recently, a tester had invited another Sim over to her house. Now the AI makes sure that the guest’s autonomous behavior is appropriate based on his relationship level with the host – someone you barely know won’t turn up and start cooking food in your house, but a good friend is allowed to do so. But on this occasion, the guest came straight into the house, walked upstairs and went to sleep! After much debugging and soul-searching, the problem turned out not to be a problem with the code, but with the guest’s personality – she was insane, and therefore impervious to the norms of social propriety!

Pretty cool, no?

I enjoy the fact that you don’t have to worry about random neighbors showing up to take a dip in your pool or hang out on your couch and watch TV. I also like that the AI can be insane. Now that I’ve written that, I’m going to end up with a crazy cat lady next door to my Sims who moves herself in along with her cats.

I really hope that doesn’t happen.

On to the new pretty pictures:

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