Easy Movies with Sims 3 Movie Mashup Tool

April 16, 2009 by Amy Tucker  
Filed under The Sims 3, Video

One of the main reasons that I have never gotten into making movies with Sims 2 is that it takes me FOREVER.

I have to set everything up just right, capture the video just right, then I have to import it all to Movie Maker and hope that I have the patience to see the whole thing to the end. Maybe if I attempted making Sims 2 movies more often then I would get better at it. However, the whole process is so clunky and annoying to me that I can’t bring myself to practice.

That’s why this video of the Movie Mashup Tool in the Sims 3 is exciting to me. Not only does the tool look easy to use, you can publish directly to YouTube from the tool.

Cool stuff, folks.

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