The Sims 2 Britney Spears MTV VMAs Performance

September 14, 2007 by leora  
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Britney spears mtv vmas performance sims 2

Check out this awesome Sims 2 copy of Britney Spears from her MTV VMAs performance.  You can download it here.

Britney spears mtv vmas performance sims 2

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30 Responses to “The Sims 2 Britney Spears MTV VMAs Performance”
  1. sims2hsm says:

    this is so cool, and i cant believe i’m the first to comment!!!

  2. jeffery says:

    what the h#@#

  3. sexy girl says:

    what a fuck she is i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. katie says:

    britney looks so nice dare

  5. bitch says:

    britney spears is totally bitch now

  6. Richard says:

    I am feeling sorry for britney,i will always be a huge fan of Britney,why dont you leave her alone? All of you are just jellous, have you all not been tought manners? How can you judge someone else? Have a look at yourself before judging Britney.

  7. .:Me:. says:

    I agree with Richard, she didn’t have a childhood! she was in the spotlight from the age of 11 and the bloody papparazzi won’t leave her alone! I think she has gone mental and need to straighten herself out and stop being stupid, but no one knows how much pressure clebrities are under All the Time! Give her a break, and stop judging ppl before you ACTUALLY know them!!

  8. meaghon says:


  9. annewil says:

    When I was 11, I was a Britney fan. And actually I still am. Sometimes she’s a bit crazy, but that’s what I like about her:), Britney is BACK!

  10. kaynde says:

    To bad she really didnt look like that

  11. Anna says:

    I think Britney will soon alive as a new woman. Don’t you think you can not opinion her life? She is the same person as you all. The only bad thing she did is that she is/was (rather is, because everyone knows her) fame? Famous for her was to hard to take. If you were her, would you like to show your all life, all private matters, all intimate details from your life on the newspapers? //sorry for my english, I’m not from GB, USA or sth like that country:) If you want to talk about this topic- you have my mail.

  12. penguin says:

    dude this sim looks way skinnier than she did at the vmas

  13. Tutka says:

    wow , She have BIG ASS

  14. rt says:

    in real life, she still looks hotter than any black bitch. yeah she has a bigger ass now and fuller boobs, but she still gets the guys hard. fuck this cheesy cartoon shit of her. the guys here wish their skanky biches looked half as good as britney. keep it up, baby brit.

  15. yusra says:


    i want to meet you

  16. Isabella says:

    Chris Crocker may be a bit crazy but he has a point. People should leave Britney alone. She’s only human, just like all the stupid paparazi and Britney haters. You guys don’t really know what shes like, now do you? All the magazines and crap just make you think bad thoughts about her, and make up alot of lies. She’s really a sweet girl taken over by Fame, leave her alone will you. I’ll always be on her side, if liking her is wrong I dont want to be right.

    BaCk OfF bRiTnEy HaTeRs

  17. julia says:

    cześć, jestem Julia i mieszkam w Polsce więc pewnie jak to czytacie to nie rozumiecie co pisze:) a teraz po angielsku :D Ok.Britney Spears is very cool but now she is mini bitch xD

  18. Joy says:

    hi Briney you are really hot and you sing so well i like your style

  19. viki says:


  20. beatriz says:


  21. kiddy says:

    lmaooooooooooooooooo.fu….nhydoi you
    guys r all
    becuz she is frigkin
    i l u britnay
    and i dont
    give a eff
    what the eff
    says about chyoo
    those are the sad, stupid, dumb, ugly, people, and they desreve sad, stupid, dumb, ugly lives
    becuz they are like that.

  22. kiddy says:

    omg, i forgot to say

    ohmygosh she is so pretty! like, im a girl so not in tht way no offence but chyoogetit.
    so u kno what
    all ur effing
    britney h8rs
    shuld lrn
    not to piss on birtney
    becuz it gets nanoyning
    she is frigkin
    human beging
    and ain’t
    desreve to be disrespected
    ppl like u guys. srsly, its so effing retarted
    i dunno get it. ebcuz shes been thru fame its not liek she can change tht and i thnk she did a dmn good
    jobn for wht she been thru and u guys should
    al thhink of her
    as ur role models
    becuz she is effing bettre
    than everybody.
    lmao, i just realize how that osunded.
    she’s not beter than everbody
    but she’s defo. better than wht people portray her as n i think its effin retarted tht ppl think shes soeffin messed up and stupid and can’t sing all that crud becuz relly shes cool and u shuld think of her als ur role model like i do. srulsy, i want to followin her footsteps but its too late becuz i’m seventeen so icant exactly rofflmffao butwhatev. i can tsitll singand just be me a
    nd when i win an emmyu
    and i can then be like
    –> omg briteny spears effin spired my to be this girl who’s here 2day at this podium presneting my speech becuz without her id never get the chance to sing shes’ my homebody n i love her n i thank fher for everuthying.
    __ihope i meet her someday she seffing ool, no?

  23. kiddy says:

    and effing conitnuingl mao
    i wnat to say
    tht when i win
    my oscarand emmy
    and i can then think her for evertying
    cuz without heri
    dnever sing
    and itseffing
    retarted tht pepl think she is
    sO GROOW UPP!!!!!!!!

  24. Amy Tucker says:


  25. Juli says:

    omg cool
    im german…
    but its very cool,great

  26. ben says:

    wow.. that is nice pics!! Maybe we can exchange some sexy pics of britney!!

    This is my Sexiest britney’s collection:

    You may come to my blogspot and comment on it!! Thanks.


  27. Hullu says:

    joo tosi jännää!!!!!!!!! toi britney spears on tosi hotti :)


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