Things I Downloaded Today for Sims 3

I actually downloaded a lot more than this, but, these three are easiest to show you.

All of these downloads came from Lostaccount on Mod the Sims.

  1. Faster potty training – comes in two speeds: 4x and 10x with 10x meaning that your toddler will master potty training on the first try
  2. Faster walking – this one comes in two speeds as well: 4x and 10x with 10x meaning that your toddler masters walking super fast
  3. Faster talking – again, two speeds: 4x and 10x…you get the idea

I downloaded all of these to my desktop and then installed them using the Helper Monkey and then I fired up the game.

What I got was…well…really quick learning in these three areas in my toddler. YAY! Because, seriously? Do you REALLY want to spend the better part of an hour [or more] teaching your toddler how to walk, talk and pee pee on the potty?

If you do, don’t tell me about it because it drives me batty.

And, a short video for you showing what I’m talking about.

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