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Monday, October 26th, 2009

Sims Gamer

X-Men Group to Download

A little known fact about me: I’m an X-Men freak.  I’ve seen all of the movies and I even read the comics when I was little.  The cartoon?  Yeah.  Seen that too.

So, when I saw the X-Men Pack 2 that DeadMetalSimmer made, I had to share it with you.  There’s a X-Men Pack 1 [duh] that’ll I’ll post tomorrow.

This set includes: Gambit, Nightcrawler, Storm, Emma Frost/White Queen, Dazzler and Hound Rachael.

Check out the page here to not only download the set but to also read about a custom mesh that you have to download so that Nightcrawler’s shoulder pads will work correctly.


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4 Responses to “X-Men Group to Download”
  1. billie says:

    Are all your x-men downloads free or do i have to pay for them and do the downloads work for sims 2 pets on pc.

  2. SynapticSim (subscribed) says:

    Hi There! I hope I’m not resurrecting a really dead post here seeing as how it was posted way back in February. But I did want to let you know about my site, SynapticSim’s Lair where I have uploaded many comic related sims for The Sims 2, including way too many to count X-Men. The X-Men have always been my fave, and I’ve been creating X-Men Sims for The Sims 2 since the game was first released. Originally with the Exchange, to MTS2, to InSIM, and finally started my own site over a year ago. It does require free registration to download. You can take a peek at what you will find on the site at this link:

    We are almost finished with X-Men Event Month where I’ve released a new X-Man every day for the entire month of September. These are based on the movie costumes.

    Please do pay us a visit!


    ~ SynapticSim

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