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Sat, Apr 28 - 11:09 pm ET

Is Albert Pujols a Bust?

In the offseason, the Los Angeles Angels made the splash of all splashes by signing Albert Pujols to a deal worth $240 million. Pujols, regarded by many as the best hitter in all of baseball, was supposed to come to the Angels and make Los Angeles elite once again. So far, that hasn’t happened. Not even close.

Through 21 games and 84 at-bats, Pujols is hitting only .227 with no homers and four RBIs. In his last eight games, the native of the Dominican Republic is only 3-for-30.

Is Albert Pujols a bust? Not so fast.

First of all, Pujols went from the National League when he was with the St. Louis Cardinals to the American League with the Angels. That alone is going to cause an adjustment period; Pujols is human, after all.

Secondly, he’s undoubtedly feeling the pressure to hit and live up to his contract. However, eventually he’ll get through that and start swinging the bat like he has his entire careers.

And finally, the baseball season is a marathon. With only about 1/8th of the season in the books, Pujols has more than enough time to turn it around and prove he’s worth the money.

Albert Pujols is a bust? (Image:

Albert Pujols isn't a bust ... yet (Image:

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  1. By George Bagot

    Pujols is a 37 year-old has been. He is poison in the clubhouse, a terrible team player and congrats to the Angles who owe him $240 mil and will screw up their team for a least a decade. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, !!!!!!