2009 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

July 12, 2009 by Jyle Dupuis  
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Finally a convertible that can take you around town in style and comfort. The New third generation 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible is in the top of it’s class.

2009 Chrysler Sebring Convertible - Image by Linus Henning

2009 Chrysler Sebring Convertible - Image by Linus Henning

If you are looking for a stylish convertible that will not break your budget than this may be your car. The Sebring is not a performance vehicle but it’s not lacking in the power department.

The Sebring Convertible comes in three trims. The LX, Touring and Limited models are all great trims that help you get the balance of quality and price you want. The base engine for the Sebring is the light 2.4L I4 engine, though for a convertible you may want to opt for the more powerful 3.5L V6.

Image by Linus Henning

2009 Chrysler Town & Country

July 4, 2009 by Jyle Dupuis  
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The new 2009 Chrysler Town & Country may be the vehicle of choice for you if you are looking for something that’ll get your family around town in style and comfort. The Town & Country shares the same design and make as the Dodge Caravan except with the Town & Country you get more luxury features.

2009 Chrysler Town & Country

2009 Chrysler Town & Country

It seems that the minivan is taking a further back seat to the more popular SUV’s these days. Though they may not be as versatile the minivan is still the car of choice for families.

The Town & Country comes in three basic trim levels; the basic LX, Touring, and the all inclusive Limited. The basic trims have a small 3.3L V6 while the Limited features the 4.0L V6. Though different sizes there is only a one mile advantage to having the smaller engine. So take my advice and get the 4.0L. With a van this bulky you’ll want the extra power when it’s needed.

The Town & Country only comes in front wheel drive, so if you are set on getting an all-wheel drive you’re out of luck. The Town & Country has a starting price of $27,160.

Image: Chrysler.com

Chrysler Fiat Merger Done Deal

June 10, 2009 by Jyle Dupuis  
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chryslerlogoA U.S. supreme court judge has okayed the alliance between Chrysler and Italian automaker FIAT. There were previous issues in terms of the allocation of debts incurred by Chrysler but FIAT has agreed to share in the burden.

fiat-logoChrysler is hoping to gain ground in a partnership with Fiat by producing more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly cars. Fiat has the technology to move forward in this plan and are seemingly better equipped for the task. Chrysler now recognizes the importance of making cars that people will be proud of owning. So now they are just working on making these cars available to people who are still reluctant to buy amidst the failing economy.

Chrysler has now introduced their Buy With Confidence Guarantee. They are also planning on introducing three cars that will be made specifically for the eco-minded consumer. The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hybrid, Chrysler 200C Electric and Dodge Circuit Electric.

2009 Sebring Limited Convertible

May 20, 2009 by Jyle Dupuis  
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I feel like I need to do something to help Chrysler get back on their feet (cause you know the executives aren’t doing anything). So here I am helping get the word out on one of Chrysler’s more luxurious cars made for the average middle aged guy, the 2009 Sebring Limited Convertible.


2009 Sebring Limited Convertible

With the largest engine inside a Sebring, the Limited’s 3.5L V6 24-valve powerhouse produces an estimated 235 hp. On the Limited you also get a choice between the 6-speed automatic transmission and the AutoStick Automatic Transmission. What that means is that the driver can change the manual style gears with just the flip of a switch.

If the 2009 Sebring Limited Convertible is everything you’ve been looking for expect to pay at least $35,865. So check one out at a local Chrysler dealership near you.

Image: Chrysler.com

Dodge Continues to Support NASCAR

May 2, 2009 by Warren Hayashi  
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Business as usual is the cry at Penske Racing this week as they access the results of their last race and prepare for the race this week at Richmond International Raceway amid Chrysler filing for bankruptcy protection Thursday and rumors of Dodge being forced to pull their support for their NASCAR efforts.

Dodge support is rumoured to be in trouble in NASCAR

Dodge support is rumoured to be in trouble in NASCAR

It seems weird that these events would be occurring at a time when a Dodge driver stands triumphant in the lead of NASCAR’s premier series point’s standings after over a year of absence, the last driver to do so was Ryan Newman after victory in the 2008 Daytona 500 in a Penske-powered vehicle.

The negative tone a bankruptcy proceeding creates in the minds of many people hearing of these events is usually warranted, but in this case probably not likely to be true. In fact, a bankruptcy for a troubled company with viable assets and the ability to make the company financially viable in the current economic climate, like Chrysler certainly can, might in the long run make Chrysler much stronger and able to handle a future with new economic truths.

Richard Petty Motorsports, which has 4 Dodge cars in the Sprint Cup Series, has stated recently that they have been assured that Dodge will continue its NASCAR interests, that Dodge’s involvement in NASCAR is important to their overall marketing program, and an essential element to their future plans.

The bankruptcy proceedings are merely a chance to reorganize Chrysler’s balance sheet and the financial structure of the company as a whole. The employees apparently still show up for work at Chrysler and daily operations continue as before the bankruptcywas  announcement, accept for a few holiday announcements and the like.

All this has probably let the air out of the balloon that was poised above Busch’s head. Finally in the points lead after 149 races, a length of time that spans from the Las Vegas race in March 2005 to the present, and with three cars running in NASCAR’s premier series, he was probably expecting to see that balloon burst.

Busch and Penske Racing for their part have stated they feel confident in the strength of their relationship with Dodge despite the bad news for Chrysler and that they fully expect everything to continue as normal. That they really have no choice but to keep going as if nothing has changed and hope that Dodge is able to keep their end of the bargain, and that they will continue their relationship through-out the remaining years of their contract with Dodge.

Images: Newscom

2009 Chrysler 300

April 7, 2009 by Jyle Dupuis  
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One of the hottest cars to be released by Chrysler this year is the 2009 Chrysler 300. A powerful sedan, the 300 will appeal to any serious driver.


After shedding the German Daimler-Benz partner company in 2007, Chrysler found themselves redesigning the 300 once again.

This year the Chrysler 300 has the most powerful engine in the Luxury Full-Size Car class. It’s very impressive 5.7L HEMI V8 engine can deliver 370 hp and catapult the car to top speeds of over 150 mph.

A great new innovative technology for the new 300 is the addition of the active transfer case and front axle disconnect feature. What that basically mean is that the car can switch from a rear wheel drive (RWD) to an all-wheel drive (AWD) when different driving situations are needed. It also helps add efficiency to your fuel dollars. It’s great because we all know that a RWD is great for performance, but a AWD is what you want when the roads get a little slippery.

The 300 also comes equiped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP), a feature that automatically applies engine speed or brakes to individual wheels when turning tight corners. Now there is no need to get a ‘feel for the car,’ the car does all of the feeling for you.  

Image: Chrysler.ca

Hybrid Minivans … 2010!

July 15, 2008 by Hilary  
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Ah-ah-ah-ahhhh (think Zelda)

Chrysler is heading full steam ahead into hybrid and electric vehicles, with a new division - ENVI, an all-electric line - slated to begin producing within the next 5 years. In addition, it’s highly anticipated that a hybrid version of the Dodge Caravan will hit the market by 2010.

Right now, major automakers are facing a slump, and none moreso than Chrysler. 70 PERCENT of their sales come from monsters … big, Big vehicles like the Dodge Ram, the Charger, their new baby the Challenger. None of which are eco- (or particularly pocket book) friendly. I’m very excited to see what comes of the hybrid Aspen and Durango. They’re thousands less expensive than comparable hybrid models and they have enough room for large-ish families. Personally, I think if they market them as well as they pushed the new Caravan, Chrysler’s hybrid sales will be very successful. If they can add an affordable hybrid minivan?? Wowzers.

Source: The Weekly Driver

Chrysler Refuel + More “Free Gas” Promotions

June 4, 2008 by Hilary  
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Promotions. Promotions. And more Promotions. Kicking Tires, with help from The Consumerist, bring us a list of the latests “free gas” offers.

Chrysler has launched their own Let’s Refuel America(n car sales) challenge. Buy a qualifying model and receive gas at the price of $2.99 a gallon for 3 years.

What qualifies? All Chrysler, Dodge and JEEPs EXCEPT SRT models, Dodge Sprinter, Dodge Viper, Dodge Ram Chassis Cab, Dodge Challenger, Chrysler Crossfire, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. (No Viper?? Sure, just take the fun out of everything.)

If you can buy one of those models before July 7th, you’re set. You also need a valid Visa or Mastercard. (I called a local dealer, and you cannot use a debit and they weren’t sure about prepaid cards. I took the 800 # and wound up not being able to get through. Seriously, “Press 1 for blah” did nothing. Neither did 2, 3 or #.)

The details are pretty simple. You get a charge card to use when you get gas at select stations (just a note, 5 out of the 6 stations that came up for me, weren’t … they were repair shops, which left me with one gas station in a bad area. Fun. And I’m serious. My sister was kidnapped from that gas station and made to drive a crack dealer around for 12 hours. No wonder the salesman told me only ONE person who bought a car opted for the program.) Your gas card is linked to your credit card account. You swipe your gas card at the pump and your designated Visa or Mastercard account is billed at the gas station’s posted price. Your Let’s Refuel America card will adjust your charge to reflect $2.99 per gallon within 48 hours.

Other technicalities to keep in mind: If you buy a car that takes regular, that’s the only gas you can buy with the card. Likewise for diesel. You also don’t get take advantage of the major promotions they are running right now. That $2500 cash back on the Town & Country? That will be $500 cash back with the card, etc. Will you spend $2000 more on gas in the next 3 years? Maybe.

Oh, and don’t expect to fuel all your family’s cars at $2.99 a gallon. You’re limited to what the EPA says would result in roughly 12,000 miles per year for your model, or Chrysler’s interpretation of what they say, and we all know the many factors would affect maximum fuel efficiency.

With all the stipulations and limitations of this program, I can’t see many people taking advantage. Thankfully it’s not the only one. Many dealerships are offering free gas cards worth hundreds of dollars if you purchase a new car.

My favorite so far has been Max Motors “Guns or Gas” Giveaway, where with your purchase of a Ford, Chevy, etc, you got your choice of a hand gun OR a $250 gas card. (I have to admit … I’d have taken the shooter.) It ended May 31st. We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see what other kooky ways people hop on the free fuel wagon.

Whatever they may be, consider these incentives like coupons. If you weren’t about to buy the item in the first place, the gas savings probably won’t work out in the long-run.

Remember to get your own free stuff here at Eco-Friendly Driver.

Source: Cars.com, Let’s Refuel America, Brown Autos

LA Auto Show - Silverado, Aspen, Durango, S400, and Cayenne hybrids

November 17, 2007 by Hilary  
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It runs ’til November 25th, but the new models seen there will be running the roads for a few years to come. Sure, they aren’t all green options but hybrids seem to be the new trend. Check out photos, info and video on the following:

Chevy Silverado Hybrid

Chrysler Aspen Hybrid 
(Does anyone else hate the Charlie Brown hair on the hood??)

Dodge Durango Hybrid 

Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle
(Which looks curiously like the Prius.)

Mercedes S400 Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

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