Is MS Goni a potential murderer?

July 4, 2008 by Ankit  
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ashraf_nc Just saw this on some sidey news channel. MS Goni has been accused of threatening to kill someone. The someone is someone very close to him. The someone is someone who knows him the best. The someone I am talking about is his mom. So when Mrs. Kaur says, we sit up and listen. In human, this means that supposedly MS Goni threatened is parents that he would kill them.

The story pans out as this: First MS Goni fell in love. He was a nobody then (read Indian Domestic Cricketer), with little hope for the future (some might disagree). His parents did not approve of the girl, and they still were providing for his meals. He was pissed. Then IPL happened. He got cash, and got married against their wishes (yeah, that’s still a rarity in India). Well, why don’t I show everything using some technology, as the news guys do these days.


The entire thing looks fishy and all. I am not sure of the truth. The only evidence I have is the interview his mom gave on TV. Lets see how this pans out, what Goni’s reaction is and all. And yeah, what BCCI’s reaction is. What Modi’s reaction is. What Jrod’s reaction is. Like heck I give a damn about any of the above. If you are wondering why I have put Mr Ashraf’s (Pakistan Cricket Boss) photo on the top. COS I WANNA KNOW HIS REACTION WOULD BE. That’s what I care about.

Photo : Newscom

Graphics : Ankit Mishra

We offer live scores now!

June 29, 2008 by Ankit  
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Yes, you heard that right. Live scores, right at your very own six and out. Courtsey Cricinfo. Look for the vertical bar somwhere on the right.

Long live test cricket. Amen

Harsha Bhogle on Sachin Tendulkar

May 25, 2008 by Ankit  
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If you are a cricket follower, you would know who Harsha Bhogle is.

If you believe in god, you know who Sachin Tendulkar is.

So, lets see Harsha Commenting on Sachin. Beautiful video. What a genius.

Sachin Tendulkar is Back! IPL Standings Revisited!

May 13, 2008 by Ankit  
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Sachin TendulkarSometimes in life it so happens that no matter how smart or resourceful you are, there is someone who is faster. Hence, I would like to thank the Curry Cricketer for this piece of awesome news. Yes, you heard that right! Sachin Tendulkar is back! He would be leading the Mumbai Indias against the Chennai Superkings. If that ain’t good news, than probably nothing is.

Hopefully his injury has been fully healed and he can thrash the hell out of other teams’ bowlers now. OMG I was so waiting for the Little Master to be fit. Those who say that Twenty-20 is just for 20 -somethings would certainly need to take a backseat now. Meanwhile, here’s the current IPL Points Table for people who love sixandout way too much to go to cricket sites:


I think Bangalore is out, so is Deccan. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata need to push harder now. With Sachin back, shouldn’t be that tough for Mumbai. To end the post : GO KOLKATA!

Image: sixandout archives and Cricinfo

Update on Venkatesh Prasad and Charu Sharma Sacked

May 9, 2008 by Ankit  
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This is just to clarify that there is no official sacking of Venkatesh Prasad. I reported what I saw in the news and take full blame for the fallacy. Sorry, Venky! Though I may like to add that you might be next, given Mr Mallaya’s mood. Whatsay, folks?

Venkatesh Prasad Next?

Is he next??


Photo Credit: Newscom

Venkatesh Prasad and Charu Sharma Sacked

May 6, 2008 by Ankit  
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Just in! Bangalore Royal Challengers owner Vijay Mallaya has sacked team coach Prasad and CEO Charu Sharma. Karnataka State Cricket Association (the local official cricketing body) secretary Brijesh is to replace Charu Sharma as the new CEO.

Well, this was something really fast. Mr Mallaya seems to think that sacking the support staff is the best way to increase the team’s morale. I think he is wrong. Poor old Sharma, he said on tv the other day that “I want to be CEO of this great team for my lifetime”. Maybe this comment gave it away.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Five Year Ban Upheld

April 30, 2008 by Ankit  
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News Update

CRICKET-WCC2007-T20-PRK-AKHTAR A Pakistan Court upheld the decision of the Pakistan Cricket Board to ban speedster Shoaib Akhtar for 5 years from all sorts of cricket which comes under the jurisdiction of Pakistan (international and domestic).

It may be noted that Shoaib had appealed against the ban and this verdict is a result of the appeal.

Sixandout’s View:

Though it seems that his career is finally over, you never know with the Pakistan Cricket Board, given the past incidents, and more.

Whatever comes out of this, the IPL and specially the Kolkata Knight Riders and its Owner would be the most affected in the immediate future. One interesting thing to note is that Shoaib is not banned from playing in the IPL, but the IPL organisers have decided not to play him citing moral grounds. That move certainly commands respect, more so if you are not a Knight Rider Fan

More Later

Photo Credit : Newscom

Standard Bank Pro20 : The Titans win it

April 27, 2008 by Ankit  
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The South African T20 league, I mean the P20 league has been quite a success at home, but has failed to generate any interest elsewhere, but the same can be said to a great extent about the Aussie, the English and the New Zealand T20 leagues. Poor (read Rich) Old Allen Stanford’s T20 league is followed by more people. Even the IPL would have been as dull had some interesting things and some great cricket hadn’t happened.

I had been bickering for quite some time that I am going to write about it, as it should be written about of course. So, here it is. As the tournament is over, this would obviously act as a review post.

The teams:

  1. Cobras
  2. Dolphins
  3. Eagles
  4. Warriors
  5. Lions
  6. Titans
  7. Zimbabwe

The prize:

R500 000-00 (about $65,446.37 right now)

The Winner:

The Nashua Titans

I just saw the Final as the other matches were not telecast in India (see, I told ya so)…. From what I saw, a lot could not be said about the popularity (though the web site claims that it was their most successful league ever. Dale Steyn shone in the final, making sure that his team won. My sincere apologies for not following this league closely, but after joining sixandout, the IPL hit me….or I hit it…whatever… I would make up for it by following it the next season for sure and yeah, proclaim on live web 2.0 that “Polly was the King”.

Till then, let’s focus on the IPL. Just to let everyone know: Gilly has just scored a 43 ball 100….


Photo Credit : Flickr

Experience is what counts, mate!

April 24, 2008 by Ankit  
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Watching the IPL fixture between the Deccan Chargers and the Rajasthan Royals tonight, a few things caught my eye. Lets go through them:

  1. Afridi had a go at Warnie, Warnie said something like : “Grow up, mate”
  2. Tendulkar’s Birthday had the crowd more excited than their home team Deccan Chargers
  3. Deccan Chargers continued their bad form. Having arguably the best team on paper, they have lost 3 out of three now.
  4. Warnie won the game for the ROYALS, with the bat!
  5. Warnie hit about 15 off the last over, bowled by Roy Symonds

That’s about it. This post was a tribute to one of the most exciting IPL matches I have seen.


Viru You Little Beauty!

April 22, 2008 by Ankit  
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Just watched the Delhi vs Deccan Match. The Deccan Chargers started out slow, but picked up later and reached 142, thanks to a certain Mr Rohit Sharma, about whom I would have loved to talk about now. But alas. Limelight is a very narrow lane. Only one can steal it. It was Virender Sehwag’s night. Just look at these figures:

ViruRuns : 94
Balls : 41
Fours : 10
Sixes : 6

Poor old Andrew Symonds went for 30 in an over. This was certainly SOME innings. I beg your pardon if I am not articulate enough. Its just that….well….I am excited. The IPL has just begun.


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