Windows 7 RC1 Available to Review

May 10, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

Today for Mother’s Day I thought I might upgrade my wife’s computer to have her try out the Windows 7 RC1 that’s now available. She’s been having some odd issues with her Vista installation randomly locking up, so I thought I’d install Windows 7 and see what she thought about the new operating system.


The problem though is that from what I read on the Windows 7 download site and installation instructions, it’s a complete fresh install of the OS. Anything on the hard drive is lost. The verbiage talked about having to backup everything and then reinstalling the programs you use once the Windows 7 RC1 files are installed.

I understand that it’s beta software and use at my own risk, but sure wish I didn’t have to lose everything on my wife’s computer to take Windows 7 for a spin. That wouldn’t be much of a Mother’s Day present.

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Google Continues World Domination w/ Toolbar

May 5, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

When I started my computer earlier today I noticed something different along the very bottom of my monitor. It was something new in the Windows Start taskbar that I hadn’t seen before. Something had invaded my system and put something there I don’t remember asking for in the past.


There was a new button sitting right next to my "Start" button. I was familiar with the name on the button, as I’ve been generally pleased with my experiences using their products.


It appears in a recent update to my Google Toolbar, which I don’t remember approving automatic updates to my toolbars to be installed with no warning.

My first thought was "Do I really need to give Google anymore real-estate on my computer?" Particularly in my Start / Taskbar? However, I’ll give Google the benefit of the doubt here and see how I like it. Hoping I can remove it later, but I didn’t see any options for that at the time I was digging around in my toolbar settings for how the update got applied automatically.

When you click on the button you’re presented with the following options to choose from. I can see how this would be helpful.


My second thought was that with the ability to start programs and its similarity to the Windows Start button, could this be a foreshadowing of what a Google OS would start to look like?

Anyone else seen this and already using it? What do you think? I’ve got to say that I do love the Google Toolbar as it lets me access all my favorite items / bookmarks on the web, regardless of what computer I’m on.

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