Shaq to Chuck: "You kissed Dick in the mouth"

Shaq to Chuck: “You kissed Dick in the mouth”

The Inside the NBA crew on TNT was talking about how they communicated with the referees back in their playing days. Charles Barkley was explaining his point of view when Shaquille O’Neal chimed in to accuse him of kissing up … More »

Jerry Buss was Overrated

Jerry Buss was Overrated

Many NBA pundits consider Buss to be the best owner in the history of the league. In reality, the longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers was a fortunate man who made a wise investment. More »

Shaquille O'Neal to Mexico? The Big Burrito

Shaquille O’Neal to Mexico? The Big Burrito

Could Shaquille O’Neal really come out of retirement to play basketball in Mexico? It very well could happen. According to reports, Shaq is in talks with a team in Mexico to play a few games in the Mexican league. As … More »

Lakers to Retire Shaq's Number

Lakers to Retire Shaq’s Number

The Los Angeles Lakers will be honoring Shaquille O’Neal during the 2012-13 season by retiring his No. 34 jersey. While a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Shaq won three NBA championships and three NBA Finals MVPs. Said Dr. Jerry … More »

Why Does Shaq Hate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Why Does Shaq Hate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

In a new book that is to hit shelves on Tuesday, Shaquille O’Neal went off on of people. Some targets weren’t surprising (Kobe Bryant), while some were surprising — including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Why does Shaq hate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? “Kareem was … More »

Shaq and Hoopz Pictures - Huge Meets Tiny

Shaq and Hoopz Pictures – Huge Meets Tiny

Shaquille O’Neal is single and retired from basketball. That has allowed him some extra time to spend with the ladies. His lady of choice right now is Nicole Alexander, better known as Hoopz. Check out the Shaq and Hoopz pictures … More »

Where Will Shaquille O'Neal Sign?

Where Will Shaquille O’Neal Sign?

Quietly, Shaquille O’Neal is a free agent. With LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh hogging the headlines, you’d never know it. But don’t think 38-year-old Shaq is thinking about retirement. In fact, Shaq says he wants to play for … More »