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Wed, Jun 14 2006

$2.32 Million of Black Nintendo DS Lite Gone Missing

Looks like the black Nintendo DS Lite is hotter than ever. A container (those large metal structures that carry cargo) full of black Nintendo DS Lite and DS games had gone missing in Hong Kong when it was making its way from China (where the DS Lites are made) to Europe (where the black Lites are launching). The reported loss was $18 million Hong Kong dollars (US$2.32 million).

The Hong Kong police suspected that the black DS Lite units sold in Hong Kong recently were part of some loot and was willing to offer HKD$1 million ($128, 831) to anyone with a tip off or two.


To refresh your memory, only black Nintendo DS Lite units are available in Europe from 23rd June onwards.

OMG! Who Stole My Black DS Lite via Sina Games

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  1. By james braselton


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  6. By Patrick

    Hi James

    Are u James Wright of the Syndromes?

  7. By James


  8. By bla bla.

    I have a DS lite because I don’t live in Hong Kong. But it Pwns the old one.

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  13. By Patrick

    Ami, thanks a lot. Appreciate that.

  14. By Ami

    It was a nice cab ride to the area and I’d also be pretty scared to take a pic of such hot goods (I have no cell camera) but if I have the oppurtunity I’ll try.

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  17. By Patrick

    Ami, can u snap a pic for us to gawk?

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  19. By Ami

    I just returned from a shady HK market where I actually saw BLACK!! DS Lites for sale. I held the system in my hand and boy is it sexy. The price was $1250 HKD ($166 US). They sell on ebay for $300, and I would love one for myself, but I am afraid to buy such an obviously stolen good. It sure is tempting though…

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