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Sun, Feb 26 - 12:36 pm ET

iCloud Harmony Commercial

Apple is really starting to push their cloud solution. And honestly, it’s exciting. Check out the iCloud Harmony commercial video below. After you watch it, you’ll want to start using iCloud … if you aren’t already.

The iCloud Harmony commercial shows how seamless computing can be when using iCloud. With iCloud, you can take a picture with your iPhone and it can show up automatically on your iPad or iMac. There’s no more transferring from one device to another device with iCloud.

As the tagline says on the commercial: “Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.” That just about explains everything you need to know about iCloud. It’s definitely the future of technology. There will come a point people won’t know how we operated without a cloud service.

Here is the iCloud Harmony commercial video:

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