Black Friday Sales Performance Key to American Economic Future?

November 30, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Over drinks yesterday, my friend shared an insight. Thanks to my hangover, I’ll have to paraphrase everything:

Him: “Would you know how well retailers did during Black Friday?”

Me: “Not yet, I think it’s too early to tell. I’m sure a report will come out soon.”

Him: “Well, all I’m saying is that if people don’t buy this year, even with the low prices, things must be really bad.”

Me: “From what I’ve seen, things look good. Did you read about that Wal-Mart temp employee killed in a buyer stampede?”

Him: “Oh yeah… so there were lots of buyers right?”

Me: “Well if that case is any indicator, yes. You need lots of people to trample someone to death.”

Producers Made Bella Geekier for Twilight Movie Adaptation

November 30, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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200px-twilightpostermedium.jpgEven as a manly-man who’s never read the Twilight series, geeksugar’s feature on Bella’s upgraded geek set is worth the read. It asks “Should Book Technology be Updated for the Movie Version?”, a question that’s truly relevant to geeks, a wide-reaching demographic that ultimately, loves analyzing the most mundane of details.

Turns out that in the original book, vampire-loving lead Bella relied on a desktop computer to gain more information about Edward the pasty pretty boy—and she didn’t own a cellphone. That changed in the movie when she did her research on a black Macbook, and kept in touch through her Nokia phone.

Personally, it really doesn’t matter. Commenter “bowwowza” does have a point (”ya gotta keep up with the times for the movie or it looks old”). But in the greater scheme of things, I’d rather watch a movie that presents a well-developed cast of characters and a compelling story. It’s really more about the narrative, rather than what gadgets our heroes are using.

Story- and character-wise, Twilight quite honestly fails to provide. At least it’s a great way to show a lady-friend how much you care about her interests—though she’ll be the first to admit the franchise is only good for romantic thrills. Now she’ll return the favor come Star Trek.

(image from Wikipedia)

Stored Apps: An Easier Way to Look for iPhone Apps

November 29, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Having a hard time looking for an iPhone or iPod touch app that suits your category and price-point needs? Stored Apps attempts to catalog all the apps in the iTunes Store and make available as a searchable and filterable database. Search results provide a direct link to each app’s iTunes Store page.

Looking for free apps? Games? Just click on the filter tabs on top. Problem is, the site isn’t working properly; some features are not quite 100%. So here’s to hoping that the people behind the site, from somewhere in the Philippines, get their act together soon. And of course, I wonder how Apple will react to this.

Bloodsport Friday: Capitalism at its Worst

November 29, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Great job America! Retailers become generous (or “generous”) for Black Friday and this is what happens? You’ve just played out Lord of the Flies for the whole world to see. And for what? Cheaper TVs to see grown men bang each other at even better detail? Computers to download porn?

toys-r-us-shooting.jpgFirst off, over at a Toys R Us in Palm Desert, bad blood between two groups of shoppers led to a gunfight that left 2 dead. Now it isn’t clear if these events are tied to Black Friday (in fact Toys R Us came out with a statement implying such to cover their ass), but the timing of the shooting isn’t just a mere coincidence, no? (source and image: Read more

Holiday Buyer’s Guide to Digital Cameras

November 28, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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panasonic-lumix-dmc-l8.jpgIf there’s a benefit to weak economies, it’s the promos retailers come up with to try and boost demand. At least that’s the rationale behind AnandTech’s Guide to Digital Cameras for the Holidays. Read more

Apple App Store Helps Developer Earn $250,000 in Two Months

November 28, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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trism-screenshot.jpgLooks like there’s a new gold rush, and it has a lot to do with the internets and companies’ newfound interest in tapping third-party development talent. Witness the case of Steve Demeter, who wrote Trism, made it available on the Apple App Store, and two months later, made $250,000. Demeter apparently spent the megabucks wisely, using the windfall to put up his own development studio.

Yahoo was right on the money when it said “companies like Apple and Microsoft (with the Xbox 360’s new Community Games channel) have begun to provide bedroom developers easy, low-cost ways to develop on hardware that was once closed off to all but the biggest games makers.” At the same time however, let’s hope these fledging online app stores do a good job of filtering out all the trash that they’ll no doubt have to deal with. Remember the $1000 iPhone App?

Disguise Your Geekiness With the STC Wireless Router

November 27, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Need a flower vase and support for Wi-Fi, wired DSL, and VoIP? Then the STC Wireless Router is absolutely perfect! Coming straight at you from Saudi Telecom. Read more

Apple Laptop and Desktop Black Friday Promo

November 27, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Despite all the iPhone hate, Apple’s laptops deserve all that love. Same with its desktops. Check out what retailers are planning to offer come Black Friday, which is tomorrow:

Current Model Retail MacMall BestBuy Amazon
13″ White MacBook $999 -$100 -$100 -$81
13″ 2GHz MacBook $1299 -$119 -$100 -$79
13″ 2.4GHz MacBook $1599 -$149 -$150 -$129
15″ 2.4GHz MB Pro $1999 -$200 -$100 -$200
15″ 2.5Ghz MB Pro $2499 -$250 -$100 -$210
17″ 2.5GHz MB Pro $2799 -$250 -$100 -$105
1.6GHz MacBook Air $1799 -$149 -$150 -$55
1.8GHz SSD MacBook Air $2499 -$179 -$150 -$129
20″ 2.4GHz iMac $1199 -$119 -$100 -$69
20″ 2.6GHz iMac $1499 -$129 -$100 -$80
24″ 2.8GHz iMac $1799 -$159 -$150 -$119
24″ 3.06GHz iMac $2199 -$159
Mac Pro 2.8GHz $2799 -$250 -$150 -$174

MacMall and Amazon’s prices take into account the mail-in rebate.

Source: Mac Rumors

The Case Against Cyber-Bullying

November 26, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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For all the courts’ poor rep of lawyers getting clients off on technicalities and the possibility of corruption affecting the process, an open record of evaluation is still the best way to resolve an issue. Both sides get to present their case, and hopefully the public record will at least serve as a lesson for society in general.

The lesson from Megan Meier’s suicide and Lori Drew’s trial is clear: online harassment can be very dangerous, because it can affect a target on a very deep level, even if that wasn’t the intended result—and even if good intentions paved the road. That has a lot to do with the unparalleled anonymity enjoyed by the average netizen.

More here.

HIV/AIDS Sufferers to be Tagged With Tracking Devices

November 26, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Lawmaker John Manangsang, seeking to curb his province’s high-rate of HIV infections, has proposed a law where HIV/AIDS patients will be implanted with microchips to facilitate their tracking. The plan is to stay on top of their location, and “punish” them if they infect a healthy person.

How knowing someone’s location will help curb the spread of AIDs isn’t clear, unless you use that information to maintain constant surveillance, in which is very wrong. It’s easy to understand Manangsang’s reasons for pushing this program, but before we know it people could be implanted with RFID chips simply because they suffer from the common cold. Read more

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