32GB Kingston Flash Drive Reviewed

December 19, 2008 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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There’s usually a point where carrying around a portable hard disk makes more sense than trying to cram as many gigabytes into as small a volume as possible. But the Kingston Data Traveler 150 looks like a good buy for anyone wanting to store a lot of data (32GB) within their pocket—and copy it to and from USB-capable devices quickly:

The Kingston family’s latest USB flash drive addition comes to the market with great read and average write performance, great for those of you looking for vast amounts of easily portable storage space without necessarily breaking the bank either. Built with a solid case and a great look I applaud Kingston’s continuous ability to offer some of the finest and most robust flash drive designs on the market and thus the Data Traveler 150 naturally comes highly recommended.

One aspect reviewer everythingUSB should’ve covered was reliability. What’s the point of 32GB of memory, if even a minor, data-wiping error is likely?

(image and full review from everythingUSB)

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12 Responses to “32GB Kingston Flash Drive Reviewed”
  1. r.mukunth says:

    so much of duplicate kingston 32gb pendrive data traveler selling at coimbatore india at the rs of 999 .it will be damage your kingston company image ,because duplicate pen drive not working properly so damaging you company name please take action.

  2. Mark says:

    Even in Pune a number of these duplicate 32 GB Kingston pendrive are being sold in MG road.

  3. babujane says:

    I also came across 32GB Kingston flash drive for cheaper prices around Pollachi. I don’t know whether they or duplicate or Chinese makes. I saw one website, where it is advertised – 100 Kingston 32GB for 1000$ from China. In such case, one pen drive costs only 10$. Kingston Chinese make or Chinese Kingston Make… God in heaven knows.

  4. srinivas says:

    so much of duplicate kingston 32gb pendrive data traveler selling india at the rs of 500 to 3000. But it will working properly. When I store some folders into it. Size of the Folders are same as original. But files in that folders are not displaying. What is the problem?

  5. qwerty says:

    i was just gonna buy a cheap 32 gb kingston flash drive for 300Rs.
    Thx Guys 4 the Info – now i am not gonna buy it !!

  6. fightflashfraud says:

    hi srinivas – the problem is that these counterfeit drives are not 32GB – almost all are 1GB 2GB or 4GB – the largest capacity we have come across is 8GB. Your files may and folders may appear to be there as the name and size are written to the index but you can’t access them because they are not really there. See my fightflash blog and another wordpress blog called sosfakeflash for more information.

  7. dirty_slayer says:

    hey dudes!!!!!!!!!! its defnitaley fake one i decided to buy 1 for 500/- but i was clever enough to tel him that il pay aftr i test it then came home nd testd it nd did a research came to know abt it so dint return d hard drive as wel as d money heheheheheheheh…………….

  8. fightflashfraud says:

    Oh, that was so clever of you dirty_slayer. It seems to me that you are probably a worse person than those who fraudulently reprogram flash drives. These are often people who scratting for a living and resort to fraud as a result – very wrong, but understandable. From what you say you are certainly a worse person than the poor soul that sold you a fake (the vendor may not have had any idea that it was fake) and trusted you to return with either the item or the money to pay for it. Shame on you!

  9. ASHWIN says:

    How much does a 4gb Sandisk pen drive costs?

  10. rv says:

    i thought i hav made a deal of ma life 4 i bought 5 32gb pd’s at just 1000bucks but later i discovered i was a bullso coz 3 of them were approx storing 700mb of data other 2 were of 2gb i tricked that guy by callin an askin him 4more pd..ten i told him problem wit it..he didnt new n he returned ma money..he showed me a new one it looked original coz it weigh heavy but i didnt trust him and came back…

    nw i here rumers taat win xp is not capable to load its drivers and win vista supports it…
    hey guys those who hav such fake 32gb pd’s plz try n reply tat it works wit OS win vista or nt….

  11. jayaram says:

    hi frnds,

    i brought a 32 gb kingston pendrive one of the sales executive. I tested that pen drive with heavy data. i lost my previous data also and i’m not accessble for any folders. It showing all the file structers with empty data. don’t beleive any any sales person . If you find those related sales persons , you shoud take action .


    Managing Director

  12. Abhishek says:

    HI All,
    Today somebody tried to cheat me by selling 32 GB pen drive in 500 Rs. just outside my office, I told him that I’ll chk. it before buying, and so I took it and checked by seeing properties, which was showing 32 GB offcourse, and I tried to copy some data to it, and back to my PC, it all worked..
    But after giving him the money I found out that more than 500MB of data is not getting copied to it. So I called that guy to sell me other 4 drives also, so that i can give it to my friends, and guess what he came back, hoping for more money… But we caught him and took back the money whi I gave him a little while before.
    So all’s well that ends well…
    But learning from that incident is. Don’t buy Pendrives especially Kingston, if someone sells it to you in such a lower price… They all are FAKE… So please spread out the word to your friends…. asits happening worldwide…
    I searched on this topic and my foundings are that its a very big Racket… and its not only happening in India(Mumbai, Pune, delhi, Bangalore etc…), but its happening in UK, Australia and in some other countries too…
    Ppl are selling it on Ebay also…. These all Pen Drives are FAKE…….

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