Assassin’s Creed + Freedom Force = $16.73

May 30, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Up for this weekend: 50% off on Assassin’s Creed for the PC, and 10% off the Freedom Force: Freedom Pack, for a total of just under 17 dollars! The Assassin’s Creed promo lasts over the weekend, while the Freedom Pack goes back to regular price by the end of June 5.


Why would you get those games? Well, Assassin’s Creed is probably the best 3D platformer I’ve played in quite a while (finished it on the PS3 last year). For some reason, dealing fatal counters to attacking enemies seemed very therapeutic.

The original Freedom Force, on the other hand, is a great strategy game that features a campy yet compelling story, and very wonderful art direction. Personally, it’s also a chance to finally try out the expansion!

I’m starting to hate Valve. They perfectly understand that, after development work, the production costs of video games are practically zero. More so if distribution is done through a digital platform like Steam.

Of course, Valve has to pay for servers to keep Steam running smoothly (they should!). But you can bet they pay less for each copy’s distribution. And they can tempt me to pay through the nose for games, because with all their game packs and weekend promos, they end up selling copies for less than what the pirates do.

Since I (currently) pay a flat monthly fee for internet access, those are very good deals indeed. Until you realize that you’ve spent more on games before signing up for Valve!

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