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$230,000 Gaming PC

March 2, 2007 by admin  
Filed under Announcements, Gaming

This is the gadget to rule them all. via Man-made has always has little things it can be proud of when it comes to gadgets. Whether it’s Mr. Crapper’s convenient flushable toilet, or the flexible toothbrush, we’re always raving about the latest released gadgets to our friends, both geeks & non-geeks. I myself am getting my new PC this coming Monday, valued at $3,500. It’s a pretty impressive rig, but not half as mean as the one I’m about to show you! Matthew Sheil, an amateur pilot living in Sydney, Australia, somehow persuaded his bank to give him a $230,000 ‘moving house’ loan, which he then proceeded to spend on this ultimate Voodoo-PC rig. “The whole setup is controlled by 13 quad-core Voodoo PCs. For... [Read more]

Clippy Is Dead – REJOICE! With celebratory video!

February 10, 2007 by admin  
Filed under Announcements, Desktops

The annoying Microsoft Office Assistant ‘Clippy’ which was no-doubt single-handedly responsible for 95% of Windows-To-Mac conversions these past 10, long, torturous Clippy lives, has now finally been killed in the latest re-incarnation of Office 2007. With the announcement, it’s my reckoning that Microsoft will see both it’s sales of Office 2007 & it’s shares rise dramatically over these coming weeks. Clippy, you’ll be sorely missed. All those hours of right-clicking you only to press the ‘disable office assistant’, annoying as they were, played a major role in my life, up until 2003 when you were turned off of standard. That was a lifesaver. Now they’ve killed you? Nobody really cares. It’ll... [Read more]

The FP3 – Insulting kids worldwide. Now only $70!

December 28, 2006 by admin  
Filed under Announcements

FP3. I didn’t understand it for a minute, then the cornyness dawned upon me. Horrified, I turned to write this post. Fisherprice, have just moved into the ‘techno’ age, with a crappy 128MB, $70 MP3 player named the FP3 (Fisher Price 3 – that’s the corny bit I only just got). With rather simple, huge control buttons (as pictured) the FP3 player is quarely aimed at mouronic two year olds. Supposedly ’shock-proof’ we highly doubt it will live up to the durability of the Samsung YP-K5. That was ‘druability’ in a nutshell – check it out here to see what I mean by that! Anyhow, the FP3 has a mini-LCD which does nothing useful, and a has a built-in volume limiting thingy for parents who can’t... [Read more]

Xbox 360 Gets A Mouse and Keyboard

December 7, 2006 by admin  
Filed under Announcements, Gaming

If you love your Xbox 360, but just can’t face not having your trusty mouse and keyboard at hand, incase things go real bad, then the XFPS360 is for you. Fusing PC gaming with the best of the Xbox 360, XCM is “bringing old school PC gaming to your living room”. Simply plug-in the dinky adapter into one of your Xbox 360’s USB ports, and it’ll let you connect either more USB devices or a PS/2 gadget. Of course hardcore gamers will much prefer a keypad and pointer to a heavenly, ergonomically shaped controller, but then again, who’s to stop them? There’s a hell of alot of pictures for you to drool over in the mean-time. Enjoy! News and photos from Techzi. [Read more]

iAxe USB Electric Guitar

November 29, 2006 by admin  
Filed under Announcements, Household

ThinkGeek have launched a new product. The iAxe Electric USB Guitar. It looks great. What do you think? We know that USB is perfect for Evil Robot Snowmen, USB Thumbdrives and of course the George Foreman iGrill… but were you aware that USB can ROCK! with a screaming speed-metal guitar solo? Neither did we, that is until we got our hands on this amazing iAXE USB powered electric guitar. Simply plug the iAXE into any available USB port, jack in some headphones and commence to rock using the included software which simulates different amps and effect pedals. The iAXE is a full size professional guitar so having some guitar playing skillz might help. This post is from Re-published with with permission. [Read more]

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