Beer Below Zero Promises Truly Ice-Cold Beverages

September 9, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Beer Below Zero (BBZ) markets itself as technology that solves a long-standing problem: how do you keep beer cold without freezing it? Any avid drinker knows what a buzz-killer warm beer is, and frozen beer isn’t exactly any better.



The BBZ setup is basically a proprietary freezer chest that keeps stored beer just above freezing temperature. According to Luigi C. Nuñez, the president of the company responsible for inventing, patenting, and marketing the product, another key to the process are the so-called beertenders, who regularly visit the chests know how to move the bottles inside the freezer for optimum cooling. Nuñez likes to call them specialized sommeliers of some sort.

Beer-Below-Zero-225x300Nuñez had much more to say about his product. The BBZ process doesn’t rely on ice—meaning no water usage—and isn’t power-intensive. Other tidbits shared to the press include BBZ’s apparent appeal with women, who seem to favor cold beer more than men, and a special trick. Take a few gulps until no beer remains in the neck of the bottle. Tap the side of the bottle with a spoon firmly, wait a second, then pour into a glass. The force causes the beer to crystallize, turning it into instant beer slush!

BBZ has convinced 80 establishments throughout the Philippine capital of Metro Manila to buy into the setup, advertising their beverages as “Beer Below Zero”. Nuñez and company are expanding to Malaysia, Singapore, and Guam, and hope that their alcohol-friendly product not only makes loads of money, but put the Philippines on the map as well. Hopefully not as a nation of drunkards, mind you. More info is available Cheers!


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