Comparing the Nokia N81 8GB vs N82

November 28, 2007 by mingsen  
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Nokia N81 8GB Nokia N82

Nokia launched N81 8GB and N82 just not long ago, but yet there is already an argument around my friends on which is better. Well, both phones looks sexy, though it is again the standard Nokia candybar/slider “Shape” :) But you may spot the difference of two phones pretty easily, by comparing the technical specification.

The N81 8GB is marketed as a music + gaming phone, with a built-in 8GB internal memory. Its on the same family range as the N91 8GB & N95 8GB to give you more space to store your songs and pictures. To extend Nokia’s plan in entering the game market, N81 8GB has dedicated control keys for playing games (just like N-Gage) so gamers could find handling it easily.

To me, the Nokia N82 caters more for the mobile traveler who requires not just entertainment but also the ease of accessing information too. Instead of having just 8GB internal memory, the Finnish phone maker decided to have expandable micro-SD Card to ease business travelers who might frequently need to exchange information or keep documents. The downside for this phone is that the internal memory of 100MB might not enable us to install much applications.

In conclusion, the N81 8GB will be better for one who requires only “light” business applications but a heavier “fun” factor. The lack of GPS, Xenon Flash & HSDPA on this N81 8GB also makes this phone a less mobile internet phone.

I was told sometime ago that the Nokia N82 supports VoIP, where you could configure this phone to be a part of your corporate voice network, but I have no idea how it work just yet.

Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia N82

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15 Responses to “Comparing the Nokia N81 8GB vs N82”
  1. Planet Malaysia says:

    How about the price for both?

  2. Frikman says:

    Yeah whatever, it’s not an iPhone.

  3. says:

    Good info. Thanks for sharing!

  4. jones2158 says:

    Should be enough to handle the necessary applications though.

  5. oscar says:

    i bought an n81, it too has voip via sip on it.
    its a great phone.

    missing gps tho, but i don’t need gps yet, and i can always buy a bluetooth one if i need to

  6. kuba says:

    nokia n82 is good phones :P

  7. bagbagas says:

    Nokia n82 an amzing and awesome phone with great functions and features nothing like this is what you need is good phone for your individual communication or business then i advise you have a good choice the nokia n82 is it
    if you need more information about it or you wants to buy then contact via


  8. AsN says:

    Nokia N81 cannot be merely described in words, to know this lil’ gimmick u gotta’ own it..On the whole its a great phone and worth every penny.The symbian OS is stable and very responsive.
    Sound quality 9/10
    Imaging 7/10
    video 7/10
    gaming 8/10
    browsing & wifi 8/10
    navi-wheel 7/10(can definitely not beat an ipod)
    Ease of use 8/10
    Design 8/10

    On my personal opinion I give this phone a whooping overall rating of “8″.

  9. sulla says:

    honestly… the N81 has nothing on the N82 other than looks. the N81 has a camera that isn’t even 1/5th as amazing as the N82’s. Carl Zies lens????? that shows quality and recognition. The N82 is truely a Camera with a built in phone

  10. bayo says:

    the fone is tjust to goodddddddddd

  11. safi says:

    i will buy n82 inshallah

  12. logopeda (subscribed) says:

    искам да ви кажа на всички че до последно ползвах GPS-а след упдейт на софтуера той се прецака и до там


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