Down With the Walled Garden Apple!

Update: Whoops, correction time! Got this in my inbox a few hours after this post was published:

As stated in your article, Kevin Duerr is not “the leader of the team behind the high-profile Google Voice iPhone app.” His company, Riverturn, developed a Google Voice-related app for the iPhone called, VoiceCentral. The VoiceCentral app was accepted, then removed from the App Store. Can you please make this correction? Thanks.

The original post with corrections is below. Apologies to Kevin Duerr.

Apple-bashing seems to be en vogue nowadays. Both Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis and Kevin Duerr, leader of the team behind an iPhone app that was approved then removed from the App Store (VoiceCentral), have weighed in on Apple’s mobile app ecosystem. They somehow mix sense and snark into a cohesive whole.

Here’s Calacanis:

The Point: Add an “experimental mode” to the iPhone OS, and let us do whatever we want with our phones!

Next you’ve got Duerr, summarized into a five-point suggestion manifesto by

  1. Non-binding pre-approval
  2. Complete overhaul of the approval process and team
  3. Better communication
  4. Appeals process
  5. Fix the refunds Issue

The Point: Be more transparent and helpful to those who are investing time and money into your mobile platform, Apple!

Take note Apple! Both men love you, your Steve Jobs, and all your accomplishments. Calacanis has openly admitted spending tens of thousands dollars on Apple equipment, while Duerr was passionate enough to involve himself in iPhone OS app development.

Apple’s FCC Response Infuriates Google Voice App Developer

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