Employee Moans About Crackberry Connectivity, IT Director Retaliates

August 11, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Poor Mikey! First he blogs about his company furnishing a Blackberry to his department’s managers—a distinction that amazingly includes him:

Courtesy Wikipedia

Courtesy Wikipedia

you do NOT understand the ramifications of being issued a BlackBerry. Among other things, if you have one, your boss can Email, IM, call or SMS you 24/7 and expect you to reply. This wasn’t the case for me prior to being issued one as I always had the “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to call you back. My phone went dead” excuse and the “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to email you back, my DSL got cut today. You see, I was thrown in jail last night for drunk driving–whether or not I’m guilty is for the court to decide–and I used the money I’m supposed to pay my monthly DSL subscription with to post bail.” excuse.

Uh yeah, that’s Mikey for you, always sharing too much information without leaving out the occasional profanity or embarrassing self-deprecating revelation. In any case, the IT director of his company got wind of his sentiments and probably tattle-taled to the CEO, sharing a link to Mikey’s blog post through this email:

Can we please ensure we assign Mikey a primary and secondary BlackBerry? Did we already assign him a notebook with WWAN access? If not, let’s make sure gets one. Did we provide him with DSL access as well? Let’s make sure we have 24[-hour] access on this one.

Poor poor Mikey! Anyways, can I have your second Blackberry? :D

Crackberry: The irresistable force paradox

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2 Responses to “Employee Moans About Crackberry Connectivity, IT Director Retaliates”
  1. Sio says:

    mikey could always just text back “I’m not at work right now. I’ll get back to you about that WHEN I’M WORKING.”

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