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Free Beatles and Metallica Songs

September 14, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Or, more accurately, free Beatles and Metallica mash-ups. Some of you may hiss at me for writing about Beatallica, a spoof band that came out way back in 2001 that combines music from… the Beatles and Metallica! But with those new remastered Beatles Albums just released, it’s possible Beatallica has become more relevant again (or so I hope).

Courtesy Beatallica

Courtesy Beatallica

For those not familiar with Beatallica, the band takes the message and theme of famous Beatles songs (like “Let it Be”) and modifies the tone to match Metallica’s sound (”The Thing That Should Not Be”), ending up with a usually hilarious song influenced by both source artists (”The Thing That Should Not Let it Be”). Sometimes it’s done vice-versa. Listening to a James Hetfield wannabe’s rendition of a classic pop song is enough to induce floor-rolling laughs.

Anyways, the best part is that, to avoid litigation from either Metallica or the representatives of the Beatles’ estate, Beatallica has made all songs available for free download. You can of course purchase any of the band’s albums as a show of support, but if you’re looking for music to fill your PMP now, you can head over to Have fun!

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One Response to “Free Beatles and Metallica Songs”
  1. D^2 says:

    Uh.. hate to break this to you, but Beatallica songs haven’t been “free” for a few years. They now have official permission to release CD’s (to pay the appropriate licensing fees), so the two free EP’s they made are no longer hosted on the site. Sorry.

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