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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

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GE Announces Vscan, the Portable Ultrasound Scanner

October 21, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
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Mix the flip form factor with the classic iPod look and you get what GE CEO Jeff Immelt calls the “stethoscope of the 21st century”. Like it’s emplacement-worthy cousin, the Vscan features an ultrasound scanner connected via cord to the main unit, transmitting what it sees into the display. It’s easy to see why GE’s marketing wants to push Vscan as the stethoscope of the future: while the marketese “roughly the size of a smart phone” is a bit of a stretch, the Vscan is small enough to hold with one hand, with the other operating the scanner. The whole setup is small enough to tuck into the roomy pockets of those doctor coats.

Check out GE CEO Immelt pimping his product below:

Courtesy VentureBeat

Courtesy VentureBeat

GE also announced a new system that promises to provide doctors with quicker access to up-to-date medical information; let’s make the PR snippet earn its keep, shall we?

Real-time clinical data and treatment options to doctors — right at a patient’s side: Developed using three decades of clinical information from the Intermountain Healthcare system of hospitals, it provides doctors faster access to current research. For example, a doctor who is making patient rounds can pull up lab results as needed rather than go to each patient’s records. While checking on one patient, alerts are signaled when a particular reading is out of normal range — and behind the buttons is a flood of information on each patient, including case histories and best care recommendations. Driven by technology that enables collaborations with leading medical institutions, including Intermountain Healthcare and Mayo Clinic, the solution enables even the smallest and most remote healthcare clinics to evaluate their current approach to patient care against constantly evolving standards.


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