In Defense of the Office 2010 Movie Trailer

Yesterday saw the debut of the Office 2010 “teaser trailer”. Obviously, no Office 2010 movie’s scheduled; Microsoft was obviously trying a new way to promote its own product:

office-2010-the-movieOpinions over the video online seem divided. Some wonder what the heck Microsoft was thinking, while others find the tongue-in-cheek presentation funny. Supporters have accused critics of not liking the Office 2010 trailer because it’s a Microsoft project.

Personally, I’m inclined to think that’s true. A lot of people have panned the movie for failing at humor, but some critics actually go out of their way to accuse Microsoft of wasting money. So why can’t Microsoft spend its marketing budget on what seems to be an expensive short film? What, they can’t try anything new?

Another argument against the trailer ad is that reveals nothing about Office 2010. Then again, consider how well-known Microsoft Office is. I really doubt if anyone watching the video for the first time would wonder what this “Word”, “Powerpoint”, or “Outlook” is all about.

It’s the weakness of these arguments that make me think that people continue to play the Microsoft-is-still-evil/uncool game. What’s interesting is that some critics actually went out of their way to formulate “rational” explanations for their reactions, to avoid looking like they were just picking on Microsoft once again.

Then again, Microsoft could have done worse: what if their new blockbuster trailer was met with apathy, with no reaction?

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