Laptop Hunter Ads: What do You Think?

May 1, 2009 by Rico Mossesgeld  
Filed under Laptops

Here’s the latest one, showing “Sheila” supposedly spending $2,000 of Microsoft’s money to find the perfect laptop for video editing:

Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads have attracted attention online for its subtle attacks on Apple, and as more proof that Microsoft is taking marketing more seriously. Personally, I can easily point out flaws in the Laptop Hunters’ messaging (which is not helped by its simplistic presentation of computer realities), but I doubt if anyone can. The fact remains that Microsoft is starting to become more concerned with appearances, rather than just the cold, technical specs.

Sure, Sheila glosses over the realities of her laptop hunt. But that was for the sake of cramming everything into a minute. Besides, how boring would it be for her to boast “Oh wow, it’s got workstation-quality dedicated graphics?!?”. This new appearance-oriented approach apparently extends even to Windows 7, with Gizmodo reporting in its Windows 7 RC 1 benchmarking post:

What’s really interesting is that in regular usage, Windows 7 still feels faster and more responsive than Vista, even though the objective numbers say otherwise. It’s more than just a simple “hey, it’s not Vista” placebo effect: It points to a slicker, refined user experience that makes you feel like the OS responds more hastily or smoothly to your whims. And that’s what really matters, more than the numbers.


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